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Perfect for photo and video editing movies, trailers, animation, corporate presentations.

  • 0:00-2:22 Main Track (2:22)
  • 2:25-4:51 no Kick version (2:22)
  • 4:52-5:07 short loop (0:14)

Relaxing, calm, gentle, inspirational, corporate track.

If you are looking for an inspiring, corporate, soft, background, light, tech, beautiful, successful, track for your YouTube videos, advertising, background, presentation, design, TV, video screen savers, video games, puzzles, titles, Web applications, then this track for you!

The mood of the track: Soft, positive, positive, relaxing, successful, tech, upbeat, motivational, happy, gentle, precise, hope, luck, guitar, quiet. simple and melodic track. perfect for presentations, multimedia applications, YouTube videos, web sites, video documentaries. Perfect for corporate presentations, media projects, advertising, Vimeo videos, presentations, TV shows, news, weather forecasts.

Calm, positive, and as soft melodious track.