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“Clean Inspiration Company”
Classic background track with deep landscape, warm sound and reverb piano. Perfect for presentations, videos, social media and commercial videos. Also suitable for tv and radio.

This track is perfect for pro photographs, video makers, filmmakers, corporate, action, cinema, TV, series, commercial, webisode and vlog, crowdfunding, event, school and university, indie film, festival, videohive, lessons, presentation, slideshow etc. Also this track may be as background for medicine and hight technology videos and presentations, advertisment, media project and podcasts, science and invention, architecture and design, computer and robot, industry and factory, fashion, innovation projects.

You can use this track for your slideshows and videos on your website(s), blogs and anywhere on Social Media: YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Vimeo, Tumbler, Instagram, VK and more.

Instruments: Piano, Guitar, Strings, Bass, Drums, Synth, Percussion

Mood: Airy, Atmospheric, Bombastic, Bright, Calm, Carefree, Celebratory, Cheerful, Climatic, Cold, Comforting, Comical, Confident, Cool, Dramatic, Driven, Edgy, Elegant, Energetic, Excited, Frisky, Fun, Groovy, Happy, Merry, Hopeful, Hypnotic, Inspirational, Joyful, Lively, Moody, Pulsing, Optimistic, Powerful, Soft, Sweet, Tender, Careful, Uplifting, Uptempo, Urbane, Warm

Suggest Use: Credits, Montage, High School, About town, Night City, Cityscapes, Action, Running, Sport, Adventure, Summer, Morning time, Activity, Robots, Futuristic, Travel, Dancing, Dream, Exotic, Reunion, Evening, Discovery, Fashion, Meeting, Emotional, Motion, Triumph, Nature, Animals, Teenage, Victory, Yoga, Winter scape, Traveling, Kids, Lazy, Rainy days, Beach, Sea shore, Sunrise, Sunset, Nostalgia.

This music could be part of romantic and comedy films score/soundtrack.

Thank you for choosing my music!
Roman Seliverstov