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Fresh approach towards inspirational / motivational music, this pack consists of 4 original instrumental tracks united by subtle classical music aroma, refined melodies and leading acoustic piano. At the same time, each composition has its own particular mood.

Peak Experiences = motivation, achievement, success, vitality
Hey, Look! = playfulness, happiness, excitement, joy
The Success Formula = ideas, discovery, purposefulness, positivity
Sunlight Memories = creativity, dreams, reflection, inspiration

Inside the pack:
1. Peak Experiences (2:05)
2. Hey, Look! (2:46) [starts at 2:06 on the preview]
- Additional variations:
—Short version (1:00)
—30 seconds Ad Spot version (0:28)
3. The Success Formula (2:14) [at 4:52 on the preview]
- Additional variations:
—1 Minute version (1:02) [starts at 2:14 on the preview]
—30 Seconds version (0:29) [starts at 3:18 on the preview]
4. Sunlight Memories (3:28) [at 7:06 on the preview]
- Additional variations:
—Short Version (1:17)
—Epilogue (0:52)

Please go to an individual item page to hear the variations included.

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