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Webinse Daily Deals

Want to attract more attention to your products? Then Magento Daily Deal is for you!

Even if your product is good, customers not always buy it. But if they see some special proposition that is limited in time and quantity, they get more interested in it. Daily Deals is a very popular extension on the web-sites that helps to attract more people to your online-store.

Our extension allows you to show countdown and three informational blocks under it: the comparison between the usual price and special price, mount of the bought items and items that left. Also you can customize in System => Configuration => Daily Deals the color of the countdown and informational block.

You can add the deal product in two ways: in the grid of our extension and in the Catalog => Manage Products.

Also, you will get our widget that will be located in the widget. This widget can be customized by the following settings: amount of items, that shown; the border and count down color. The client can also link right from the widget to the all items with special prices.

Note: In order Daily Deals extension works properly you need to set up Cron job first.

Note: This extension might work incorrectly with catalog flat categories enabled

Note: This extension creates deals for configurable and associated simple products and controls qty decrements for both. Because of one special price for all associated products, there is no ability to set deal for products with certain option.

Note: This extension is guaranteed to work with Magento Default Theme. We don’t say that it won’t work with customization at all, but due to the the great majority of Custom themes we cannot guarantee the proper work of the extension with all of them.


  1. SUPPORT of Configurable, Simple, Downloadable and Virtual product
  2. Customizable sidebar
  3. Ability to run multiple deals
  4. Ability to set time and date of start and end of the deal
  5. Informative Status updates to assist in management: running, ended, pending
  6. Ability to display qty of remaining products by the special price
  7. Ability to display qty of bought products by the deal price
  8. Preventive messages about qty of the products for management
  9. Comparison between the discount price and actual value of each product
  10. Webinse Daily Deals widget
  11. Customization of the qty of shown items in the widget

Administration & Configuration

All features and user interfaces are fully configurable, installation requires little time and can be controlled from the Magento Administration Panel.

Version and Compatibility

Daily Deals Extension version 2.5.4 is compatible with Magento Community Edition version 1.7-1.9 and guaranteed to work with Magento default theme.

Click here to see the Documentation

Live demo

Admin Panel



Jun 17 2017 – Version 2.5.4

- Standardized menus
- ACL options and config tabs

Apr 28 2017 – Version 2.5.2

- removed MEQP1 warnings

Feb 08 2017 – Version 2.5.1

- Fixed issues missing attributes select when product flat tables enabled
- Fixed installation issue
- Minor fixes

Feb 07 2017 – Version 2.5.0

- Fixed issues with configurable products
- Added possibility to show countdown for products on Homepage
- Minor fixes

Jan 26 2017 – Version 2.4.1

- Minor bugfixing

Jan 25 20175 – Version 2.4.0

- Added support of configurable products
- Minor bug fixes 

Nov 20 2015 – Version 2.2.1

- Bug Fixed

Jul 03 2015 – Version 2.2.0

- Improved product selection
- Set Password for uninstall script
- Support bundle product
- Reformatted code with Webinse style
- Bug Fixed 

May 20 2015 – Version 2.1.1

- Changed logic when saving the category of deals

Apr 29 2015 – Version 2.1.0

- Implemented 'Daily Deal Categories' logic
- Added new deal status
- Added new attribute to product
- Added new attributes and tab to category
- Automatically launch deal categories
- Added mass action to deal categories grid
- Added possibility to change template for dailydeals page
- Added configuration to disable/enable deals info blocks
- Fixed cron logic bug
- Fixed set deals price logic

Dec 08 2014 – Version 1.4.0

- Improved deals countdown
- Added new configurations 

Oct 20 2014 – Version 1.2.1

- Changed deals widget
- FIxed a couple of bugs

Oct 14 2014 – Version 1.2.0

- Added new options to the System->Configuration
- Added countdown to the category page
- Fixed a couple of bugs

Aug 5 2014 – Version 1.0.0

- First stable release

May 17 2014 – Version 0.1.4

- Initial release

  • BearBoost

    2015-01-04 21:15:37
    Purchased Reply

    demo is still not working.. does the module work?

  • BearBoost

    2015-01-04 21:28:02
    Purchased Reply

    and how can i translate it?

  • Webinse

    2015-01-15 02:54:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please can you go to the demo again ( We would be happy to help you to configure the extension as you want. Please can you contact us via [email protected] Thanks, Webinse Support Team

  • qdpn

    2015-06-08 22:40:13
    Purchased Reply


  • admirernepali

    2017-12-13 11:23:52
    Purchased Reply

    Any plan for M2 version?

  • Webinse

    2018-01-04 19:38:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there. It will be issued within the next couple of days

  • MrDigitalNomad

    2015-06-06 23:23:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Thanks for this nice extension! All works fine but i can't configure the Daily Deal. When i click under configuration on "Daily Deal" it comes -> Page not found. What i make wrong? Can you please help me. Thanks and best regards

  • Webinse

    2015-06-10 02:23:35
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Johny! Thank you for the interest in our extension! To get a support please follow this link to our Support portal: or write us an email to [email protected] Thank you, Webinse Support Team

  • pilatdouglas

    2017-02-03 16:34:05
    Purchased Reply

    Good afternoon dear I'm interested in acquiring plugin I can install with a custom thema? Meu site usa o thema ma_erida

  • Webinse

    2017-02-07 21:15:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hello pilatdouglas Daily Deals extension should work with any theme but we have to warn you that it will look like on the screenshots and you will be able to customize only those parts that were described in documentation(like colour, width/height) that is why we guarantee correct work on default theme but can't guarantee proper work on custom theme given the variety of options.

  • NikosTerpos

    2017-01-14 22:19:12
    Purchased Reply

    I bought your extension but it didnt work as i wanted it to. I want a refund please, as its pretty much useless to me. The problem is that i dont wanna add a deal one by one, i have thousands of products on my website. I wanted to show the timer on each product that has a special price and special date. I dindn't find a way to do this, therefore the extension is of no use to me.

  • Webinse

    2017-01-23 03:06:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Nikos. Can you please write this to the [email protected] and we'll be glad to help you with your request! Waiting on your email!

  • bhuvan1277

    2014-12-21 14:25:50
    Purchased Reply

    Your demo is not working :(

  • Webinse

    2014-12-23 22:09:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! Sorry for inconveniences, demo was shutdown due to technical issues. It works fine now. You can test Webinse Daily Deals now. If you have any questions please contact us immediately. We will be happy to help you. Webinse Support Team

  • qdpn

    2015-06-09 03:29:27
    Purchased Reply

    hi, i have a big issueeeeee , i have prima template and the buyed plugin from you does not work with that templat. Can you help me with my issue here ?

  • Webinse

    2015-06-10 02:24:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Dear Customer! Thank you for the interest in our extension! To get a support please follow this link to our Support portal: or write us an email to [email protected] Thank you, Webinse Support Team

  • qdpn

    2015-06-12 00:10:32
    Purchased Reply

    I will need to refund the extension its not working

  • Stewan_io

    2016-12-29 10:15:24
    Purchased Reply

    good work

  • Webinse

    2017-01-23 03:05:16
    Purchased Reply