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  • Elegant Slideshow

  • 100% After effects.
  • CS6 and later.
  • No plugins required.
  • Full HD Resolution.
  • Layer control.
  • Duration 1:36 seconds.
  • 14 Image/video placeholder.
  • 14 Text placeholder.
  • Project is well orgaized.
  • Detailed video tutorial.
  • Images and sound not included.
  • Purchase Audio here
  • Download free font uni-sans

    Photo used in preview PEXELS

  • margheritaolivieri

    2018-02-02 21:26:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. I just bought your Elegant Slideshow video I open it with after effects CS6, I find all the scenes and all the texts to be edited but no image to be able to replace with all effects. I have a macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.1 You know me please help thank you

  • SoArt

    2018-02-02 23:57:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. Thank you for purchasing, as i understood you have problem with import image or video for final result... if it so.. In project is video named "edit text" and at 0:35 describes how and where import your images... named "Placeholder 1 -2 -3 and so on. Put your images in all 14 placeholders and project will be ready for render... I you have more questions mail me on [email protected] i hope it helps

  • nukefx

    2018-01-31 01:44:40
    Purchased Reply

    Very nice work!!

  • bikomart

    2018-01-31 23:45:01
    Purchased Reply


  • IamCreator

    2018-02-01 02:58:56
    Purchased Reply

    Gorgeous project. Love the artistic choices

  • Vizy17

    2018-01-31 13:16:46
    Purchased Reply

    Nice job!

  • 331

    2018-01-31 15:10:42
    Purchased Reply

    Cool work!

  • alexblue99

    2018-08-07 04:17:28
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. Is it possible to choose "The Letters" the big one in each placeholder? / All the best Alex

  • SoArt

    2018-08-11 06:42:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, in video tutorial "edit text" is shown how to do it.. :) god luck

  • drev0

    2018-09-30 16:13:51
    Purchased Reply


  • SoArt

    2018-09-30 16:58:29
    Purchased Reply


  • rgba_design

    2018-01-31 01:49:14
    Purchased Reply

    Nice design!

  • SayFaraday

    2018-01-31 19:28:23
    Purchased Reply

    Beautiful work!

  • CactusTeam3D

    2018-01-31 22:51:14
    Purchased Reply

    Great work! i wish you all the best for your upcoming sales!

  • TommySword

    2018-01-31 09:15:41
    Purchased Reply

    Nice idea!