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7 minutes of beautiful, emotional, inspirational, soft, catchy melodies, that will fit any kind of production! It will touch you, it will touch your customers, so download and see it.

It will be awesome background for for your project – cinematic, film, wedding, photography portfolio, beautiful presentation about nature, travelling, family videos, tv advertising, viral marketing, business videos, financial, team building videos, commercial, inspiring backgrounds, presentations, visuals, corporate projects, video backgrounds and much more…

It’s awesome for montage, timelapse videos, marriage videos and photos, because it sounds really romantic, relaxing, lovely, soft.

Also sounds like inspiring piano, emotional piano, inspirational piano, beautiful piano, elegant piano, touching piano, uplifting piano.

Mood: inspirational piano, pop, uplifting, hopeful, beautiful, upbeat, soft, inspired, motivational, uplifting, optimistic, catchy, positive, successful, easygoing, lighthearted, corporate, peaceful, soft, relaxed, happy.

Songs in the pack:
1. Sad Piano mark 0:00 (duration – 2:18)
2. Emotional Piano mark 2:18 (duration – 2:36)
3. Soft Piano mark 4:54 (duration – 2:09)

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