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Encontact – Contact Form with ExpressJs & Mysql, is use purely NodeJs Engine. ExpressJs is a nodejs framework that give us more flexibility to develop nodejs application. Mysql is use to manage the data. Encontact aplication is combine expressjs and mysql to build contact form system.

Feature benefits : 
1. Validate the email address. So the email address which submitted is unique.
2. CSRF encryption to protect the form.
3. Export Data to Excel
4. Automation email. After user submit, user get the auto thank you page email.
5. Pagination feature.
6. Login feature.
7. Quick and easy installation
8. Flexible Application
9. Powered by expressjs ( Web Framework for NodeJs )
10. Lightweight template design.

Notes for buyer :
On the download files, I just limit the connection access with 50 connections. Please adjust it with your server capacity. Please email me if need some assist. Thanks.

  • igdepe

    2018-07-31 11:35:09
    Purchased Reply

    Since 31 July 2018, item has been updated the feature. I add login feature to the apps. Thanks.

  • ManasaTheme

    2018-07-22 13:05:02
    Purchased Reply

    Nice Work, Congratulations! Good Luck with sales :-)

  • TmdStudio

    2018-07-20 15:08:05
    Purchased Reply

    Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

  • tevart

    2018-07-20 17:26:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hi 1. Can this script send email to admin once form is submited? 2. Can i use multiple forms? 3. Are listings password protected? You demo shows them visible to all. tnx

  • igdepe

    2018-07-20 18:57:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hi tevart, Answer 1, Nope. I am not setup notify the admin. Answer 2, No. At the moment, I just use 1 form. Answer 3, No. Because I am thinking how to build simple form, that easy 2 use. But keep stay tune! I just still review the Market needed. The update will be come in 2 weeks. Approx in the begining of august. Thanks.

  • igdepe

    2018-07-31 11:33:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi tevart, just for your information. Item feature has been updated. Check it out. Thanks.

  • TonyBilby

    2018-08-09 08:25:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, neat product.. but there's a few problems with it. First: you can delete yourself as a user AND continue using the site.. plus delete everyone else and then the user page breaks horribly... Might want to fix that. anyways the new admin username and password is: Username: [email protected] password: problem

  • igdepe

    2018-08-09 17:17:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi tony, Thank you for your advice. On the live preview
    I already fix that issue, so when you login as full admin, you cannot delete your own. Also you cannot delete other admin. I am very appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much.