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What is this?

Essential Doo Components for Visual Composer is the original addon built exclusively for Visual Composer which helps you add interactive overlay effects on the sections displayed on your Web pages. If you don’t use Visual Composer you can use our shortcodes.

We have re-created 40+ different designs and a super Carousel, you can view them ALL from our preview site. Each design has a CSS3 hover effect that’s unique to each one.

The usage of Essential Doo Components for Visual Composer elements are very simple, simply select your image/s, add your title and captions, an optional link, a color scheme. The result is a beautifully constructed image box complete with hover effects.

We have taken carousel creation to the next level. With Doo Carousel, you can create carousels for Doo Components and any of your content. We’ve integrated into Visual Composer to bring you a very flexible, very lightweight and very intuitive carousel creation system. Change paddings, margins virtually any design element for your carousel.

Full Feature Set

  • 40+ Beautiful designs,
  • New Original Doo Video Banner,
  • Easy to use Visual Composer elements,
  • Fast and smooth CSS animations,
  • Fully responsive, works great in mobile devices,
  • Works with any theme,
  • Very easy to use, instructions are provided for each setting,
  • Properly coded in WordPress standards,
  • Unlimited possibilities,
  • WPML supported,
  • SEO friendly code,
  • IE8+ support,
  • Highly Optimized Code,
  • Light-weight HTML structures,
  • Rigorously Tested on Actual Devices for Real,
  • World Performance Metrics,
  • Trusted development & Support,
  • Turn any content into a carousel, images, images with text, carousels, team members, etc
  • Works great in touch devices, swipe to scroll the carousel,
  • Fully responsive, configure the number of items to display for mobile devices,
  • Fully customizeable, adjust the margins, paddings and colors to style your carousel,
  • Lightweight, only loads stuff when carousel is used, doesn’t bloat your site,
  • Dots, arrows or none, choose what type of navigation is displayed for your carousel,
  • Works with any theme, as long as you have Visual Composer,
  • Properly coded in WordPress standards.

Minimum Requirements

  • WordPress 4.0 and above
  • Visual Composer 4.0 and above
  • If you have got Visual Composer as a part of your theme, ensure that Core Visual Composer plugin is not heavily modified

Update log

23 June, 2015 – version 1.9
Fix Firefox responsive problem for Doo Fashion Banners.
22 June, 2015 – version 1.8
Update add-on icons.
Add Doo Carousel for all components.
  • Juleso

    2016-06-23 10:23:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, The plugin isn't working with the latest Wordpress. I can get the hover effect (looks great!) but the images are not responsive no matter what settings I apply. Also hover title doesn't show on mobile... Any update coming? Please???

  • vishal-sharma

    2015-06-17 04:53:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Are you planning to extend it beyond visual composer. If so I am keenly interested to buy this addon.

  • diegobenna

    2015-06-17 22:09:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Vishal, it is extended for Visual Composer. ;-)

  • MerkurDruckAG

    2016-04-01 22:04:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Diego The Plugin isn't workin with Wordpress 4.5 and the Visual Composer :( Link would not save, title isn't shown correctly.. Thx for help

  • themegnificent

    2015-07-14 11:40:33
    Purchased Reply

    I've installed the plug-in on my wordpress site and activated it - But when I go to edit the page with VC, there are no elements in the elements panel that say "DOO" anything. Am I missing something?

  • willowpress

    2016-02-22 12:11:10
    Purchased Reply

    The title on my fashion banner is out of the frame! It doesn't look like that on the sample site. Also, changing the size of the description font doesn't work. Please help me out. There are no fields to change the position, or anything.

  • julesober

    2017-02-02 13:52:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Diego, I left a message 7 months ago, but still haven't had a reply! Please have a look at my site The image on the Doo Banner (half way down the page - Simone Leslie site on dark blue background) is not responsive. I have set it to 500px in the Height settings and it sticks at 500px high, stretching the image vertically on tablets and phones. The width responds, but not the height. Please tell me what I can do! Thanks, Jules

  • flyingfishsailing

    2017-04-01 17:17:55
    Purchased Reply

    I just bought and installed the Doo Components for Visual Composer. I have a four column row on my home page to hi-light each of four product categories. It seems that the featured image is not being proportionally scaled on different screen sizes so that it distorts the image rather than making it smaller or larger to suit the screen. Is there a way of enforcing proportional scaling?

  • startupji

    2018-07-13 18:24:52
    Purchased Reply

    will this plugin help startup companies and how can we use this in

  • ekajatik

    2015-08-28 20:38:52
    Purchased Reply

    is there any way to add custom images and/or icons into the text fields? What options are there to edit the positioning and alignment of title and subtitle?

  • oldmangriz

    2017-02-07 09:52:47
    Purchased Reply

    How do I access the Doo Carousel? I purchased your item and I only have Banner elements, and I purchased it just for the carousel. Please advise

  • flyingfishsailing

    2017-04-02 09:10:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Thanks for looking at the slider for me. The issue is that the widgets in the slider are meant to be displaying menus but each menu is being displayed as a block of text (of all menu items together). i.e. there are no returns between menu items. Is there a styling setting that I am missing? Thanks

  • masselyn

    2015-09-26 09:27:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi: I purchased this plugin, and it works great, but I got a question from my client about how it works on mobile devices. I see that the images are responsive to the smaller screens - but I think they are asking about the animation. Can or should the animation work? I ask because we are using Auriga for a page w/ images, but the titles never show below the images on mobile devices. Is there a way to show the titles, even if they are just static, on mobile devices? Thanks in advance.

  • bendelaney

    2015-06-24 07:52:07
    Purchased Reply

    I want to make it clear to everyone looking at this plugin that it works fabulously! I had an initial issue with Firefox but the developer cleared up the problem immediately. Great support and great product! Thank you.

  • diegobenna

    2015-06-30 23:01:52
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks! :-)

  • diank123

    2015-06-15 21:19:56
    Purchased Reply

    Nice job, well done :)

  • diegobenna

    2015-06-16 18:38:08
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks, this is only the first version. We are working to create a big project ;-)

  • Zeckart

    2015-11-26 02:55:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hello i have some bug on SAFARi ( Version 7.0.3 ) For exemple bullino box don't take the height from the image. But take a 100% height. And on your demo page with safari you have a lot of bug. When did you upload an update ? I do not rate your plugin for now 'cause it's the beginning, but please do an update :)

  • Zeckart

    2015-11-28 00:38:26
    Purchased Reply

    I find a quick fix for Bullino on Safari: .grid figure img { height: auto !important; min-height: inherit !important; }

  • laurenalyce

    2017-02-28 03:46:39
    Purchased Reply

    I have the same question as the other buyer: How do I access the Doo Carousel? I purchased your item and I only have Banner elements, and I purchased it just for the carousel. Please advise!!

  • ideeundmedia

    2016-10-22 06:33:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, your Plugin has many errors on Safari Browsers. Can you please fix this? thanks in advice!

  • financebazaar

    2015-06-30 20:03:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Author, Can you pls share what this plugin does? How can we use it for our site Best, Avik

  • diegobenna

    2015-06-30 23:08:48
    Purchased Reply

    If you have visual composer this plugin can help you to create a very nice websites. I visited your sites and i think you can create some internal sections. So, in home page you can create some banners for "Our office", "Where we are", "Services"... If you have to create some banners, giving life and create an experience for your users, or create a carousel, this plugin is ideal for you.

  • willowpress

    2016-02-22 08:27:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I just purchased Essential Doo Components, partially to use things like the Fashion Banners, but especially to control the font on the banner, but I don't see this option still, even with the pro version. Please, how can I change the font on the banners?

  • Zeckart

    2015-12-07 23:22:44
    Purchased Reply

    your demo website don't work on safari: