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Do you want to show messages to your visitor in specific situation? Event Message is just right for you.

Click here for user demo
Click here for admin demo (user: demo/pass: demo)


  • 4 Different Events (Always, Post or Page, Time, Search in URL )
  • 6 Different Themes
  • Really Easy to Install
  • Free Support!
  • mordauk

    2012-09-04 01:35:05
    Purchased Reply

    Can you show a live preview on a live URL so that we can see it in action, instead of just the video?

  • ddokuz

    2012-09-04 03:25:53
    Purchased Reply

    Added both user demo page and admin panel demo.

  • sukino

    2013-07-24 10:43:35
    Purchased Reply

    ( no Demo ) how can i trust in your product ?

  • ddokuz

    2013-07-29 05:10:26
    Purchased Reply

    Yes you are right. But i don't have any wordpress blog now. Sorry :)

  • trackoholic

    2012-12-19 04:27:18
    Purchased Reply

    Demo not working!

  • ddokuz

    2012-12-20 02:26:52
    Purchased Reply

    Currently, there is a problem with hosting. But, you can still look for screenshots.