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Inspirational Piano is a lively flowing solo piano piece. It begins with fluid arpeggios and keeps this optimistic feel until the end.

This track is perfect for every project that needs a subtle optimistic vibe without being to edgy and obviously motivational. It’s always a good choice to rely on the familiar, elegant and reliable sound of a grand piano. This sound provides every project with a sense of integrity and soundness.

The download includes four versions of the track, each as a high quality mp3-File and in wav-format:

Inspirational Piano – Main Version: 3:08 (0:00 – 3:08 in preview)
Inspirational Piano – Short Commercial Version: 1:14 (3:08 – 4.22 in preview)
Inspirational Piano – Main Version – Voice Over optimized: 3:08 (4:22 – 7:30 in preview)
Inspirational Piano – Short Commercial Version – Voice Over optimized: 1:14 (7:30 – 8:44 in preview)

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