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Mapplic is the #1 custom map WordPress plugin on the web. Turn simple images and vector graphics into high quality, responsive and fully interactive maps.

Key Features

  • Unlimited landmarks: locations with unique pins and various actions
  • Unlimited floors: multiple floors are supported without any limitation
  • Deeplinking: every location can be referenced by its own URL
  • Responsive design: provides optimal experience across a wide range of devices
  • Touch optimized: touchscreen devices, like tablets and smartphones, are also supported
  • Admin interface: user friendly backend
  • Well documented: a detailed user guide is included

The Ultimate Versatile Solution

Sometimes a tile-based web mapping service, like Google Maps or OpenStreetMap, just won’t cut it, and that’s where Mapplic comes into its own. You can upload any of your own maps or vector drawings, or choose from our extensive built-in directory, and transform them into a dynamic, interactive experience. These are just some of the cases when this flexible, responsive map software is the perfect solution:
  • Building flooplans: shopping malls, hospitals, schools, airports, public buildings
  • Illustrated maps: ski maps, isometric maps, or illustrations of any kind
  • Temporary maps: camps, festivals or anything that is not a permanent site
  • Maps for moving vessels, like cruise ships
  • Historical maps: re-create historical landscapes, sites or buildings
  • Fantasy maps: RPG and other video game maps, or fictional realms

The only limit is your own imagination!

Your site isn’t powered by WordPress? Try the jQuery version of Mapplic!

One-of-a-Kind Map Plugin

Mapplic is set apart from any other map software on the market by its vast range of uses and uniquely rich package of features. A truly multi-purpose and fully customizable map WordPress plugin, Mapplic makes it easy to turn images and svg vectors into high quality, professional and interactive maps and floorplans of all kinds.

Fully Customizable and Unlimited

With this ultimate custom interactive map plugin, you can highlight unlimited landmarks or locations with customizable pins, icons and various actions, and with deeplinking, every location can be referenced by its own URL. Mapplic also allows unlimited floors, making it perfect for large public buildings, such as airports and hospitals.

Built-in Maps

Mapplic is the most advanced and comprehensive choice when it comes to world, continent and country maps.

The built-in portfolio includes the most popular 15 geographical maps: World, World Continents, Europe, United States (USA), Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom (UK), The Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, China, Brazil.

We are constantly expanding our online map directory with free, high quality maps, including Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Spain.

Responsive and Interactive Experience

Your Mapplic maps and floorplans are responsive and touchscreen optimized, so that users can enjoy a fully functional, interactive experience on mobile, tablet, and even from a touchscreen kiosk. The addition of categories and searchable or filterable lists makes it even easier for users to find what they’re looking for, such as locating a particular store in a shopping mall. Features such as zoom and pan, minimap and tooltip add to the optimal and intuitive user experience of this unique map plugin.

Update History

Mapplic comes with free lifetime updates and 6 months included support!

Version 4.2 – May 19th, 2018

- ROUTES compatible
- thumbnail placeholder
- location reorder
- full retina - SVG icons
- Pictogon compatible
- tooltip optimization
- CSS conflict prevention
- code optimization
- empty description fix
- bug fixes

Version 4.1 – February 21st, 2017

- mapplic_map CUSTOM POST TYPE
- built-in Import/Export
- mobile admin
- backend UI changes
- init zoom/position support
- 5 new CSS label markers
- UI localization
- auto close popup setting
- frontend optimization
- landmark feature fix

Version 4.0.1 – July 6th, 2016

- IE9 bug fix

Version 4.0 – June 10th, 2016

- LIGHTBOX support
- API with basic methods and events
- new built in map: The Netherlands
- improved responsive behavior
- pin label support
- new pin types
- description in hover tooltip
- tooltip with thumnail
- default fill color and default action
- mousewheel setting
- css and javascript optimizations
- hammer.js updated to version 2.0.6

Version 3.1 – July 7th, 2015

- SMART TOOLTIP - tooltip now repositions itself and it's always visible
- 7 new built in maps: Continents, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Russia, China, Brazil
- thumbnail support
- docs rewritten from scratch
- edit map button
- fixed container width removed 
- duplicate feature
- possibility to link floors
- tooltip scroll bug fixed
- small CSS fixes

Version 3.0 – February 20th, 2015

- 7 built in maps: World, Europe, USA, Canada, France, Germany, England
- new generation of interactive SVG maps (old method still supported)
- deeplinking engine rewritten (hash > query parameter)
- zoom buttons (+/-) added
- map in container: fit or fill
- mobile optimiztaion
- retina support
- hammer.js updated to version 2.0.4
- new pin types added
- drag&drop fix: now clickable areas can be dragged as well without activating them
- small design changes
- landmark list alphabetic order
- colorable landmarks (svg)
- landmark actions (tooltip/redirect)
- zooming can be disabled
- small bug fixes

Version 2.0.1 – August 2nd, 2014

- text tab added to description editor
- fullscreen bug fixed
- IE9 tooltip close/clear button bug fixed
- pin animation setting added
- input focusing issues in Mozilla fixed

Version 2.0 – July 17th, 2014

- PINCH ZOOM added for touch devices
- hybrid mode added (now you can have clickable shapes and pins on the same map)
- developer mode added (easy to find x/y coordinates)
- tooltip rewritten to support any data (ex. youtube videos) 
- tooltip dynamic width
- tooltip dynamic height (with scrollbar if needed)
- smart tooltip positioning
- fullscreen button added
- search feature improved
- SVG tutorial included
- hover tooltip added
- pin animations added
- ajax preloader added
- new flat design
- source code improved and greatly optimized
- description field rich editor added
- comes with three example maps
- multisite bug fixed
- field validations improved
- landmark list visible on backed

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  • r_multimedia

    2017-08-04 04:05:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! I've bought this plugin, the issue is that long texts don’t scroll for iPhones. It scrolls in Android and desktop, but not iPhones. Can you help me?

  • sekler

    2017-08-09 17:41:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for using Mapplic. Copying my answer from another customer's comment: That is an iOS bug, it was reported before and unfortunately there’s no workaround available. We are waiting for Apple to release a fix. Until then, you could use the lightbox action, it has working scroll on mobile.

  • raison

    2017-08-16 02:16:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I'm getting this error: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).magnificPopup is not a function -- any ideas why magnific popup not loading?

  • sekler

    2017-09-16 00:30:54
    Purchased Reply

    If you are still having issues please get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as possible. (Please use the contact form on our profile page for the best response time as that's the standard support channel)

  • raison

    2017-09-18 23:43:45
    Purchased Reply

    I already sent a message via the support form... Same error and have abandoned using the plugin. Would be great to get some feedback: getting this error: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).magnificPopup is not a function —any ideas why magnific popup not loading?

  • sekler

    2017-10-16 23:06:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Sorry to hear that. Just double checked and the user "raison" never contacted us.

  • webkitvn

    2017-08-25 13:16:51
    Purchased Reply

    Can this plugin create a map like the map in top of your home page ?

  • sekler

    2017-09-16 00:55:35
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for the interest and sorry for the late answer. The mall demo is included and preinstalled. Let me know if there's anything else.

  • tingchihw

    2017-06-06 21:07:17
    Purchased Reply

    pre-purchase question: I am creating a website on Wordpress featuring different restaurants in different countries (each pin point will contain information about the restaurant e.g. location, contact, review etc). Will Mapplic be able to achieve this? Thanks, Tina

  • sekler

    2017-06-09 21:39:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Tina, Thank you for the interest. Yes, Mapplic is perfectly suitable for what you are planning to do. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  • aaronaamp

    2017-06-07 19:56:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. Is it possible to colour the sidebar floor heading boxes to different colours so all are not the same colour? I can use .mapplic-list-category > a { class to change colour but that changes all to the same colour. I would like to change each of the floors to have a different colour header box colour in sidebar. Thanks

  • sekler

    2017-06-09 21:41:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Aaron, Thanks for using Mapplic. There's built-in support for that, I replied to your PM. Let me know if there's anything else.

  • aaronaamp

    2017-07-04 18:50:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Sekler. I have not received an email or notification about the reply. Are you able to supply me an email address where I can contact you directly to discuss the above question. Thank you.

  • sekler

    2017-07-10 21:52:41
    Purchased Reply

    Simply use the contact form on the profile page. I replied to your message 4 days ago.

  • _EasyMode_

    2017-07-20 02:08:40
    Purchased Reply

    HI! I would like to buy your pluggin, but i have a few presale questions: 1 - I've an image in PNG, can i upload it and put the pins wherever i want on it and in each one show a message? 2 - I would like to have and image of a body human with some pins on it, but when i click in each of them, i would like to mahe a zoom to show other pins relathionship with this parent pin, is it possible to do it? Many thanks in advance!

  • _EasyMode_

    2017-08-01 02:49:27
    Purchased Reply

    12 days without supported!!! I can't believe it...i'm going to speah to themeforest to refund the money because of it. Never happen to me before in Themeforest...

  • sekler

    2017-08-09 17:35:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Sorry for the late answer, we were on vacation as it was clearly stated on our profile page.

  • _EasyMode_

    2017-08-09 17:52:10
    Purchased Reply


  • magron

    2017-07-21 11:21:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there! A pre-sale question: i had read somewhere here in the suport that the a image with .png doesn't works with custom pins, so, how the apartment (3D version) version of the demo works? Is that a image or a vector? i had read the docs too, and i couldnt find any information about images. Only about vector issues. Where can i find more informations about custom images issues, plz?

  • magron

    2017-08-01 10:45:52
    Purchased Reply

    bought it, but didn't receive any support until now :/

  • sekler

    2017-08-09 17:37:24
    Purchased Reply

    Sorry for the late answer. I sent you a PM recently, looking forward to your answer. Regards

  • mannadesign

    2014-06-06 09:59:24
    Purchased Reply

    Quick Pre-Sale Question: I noticed in the demo's that when you click on a pin, you automatically zoom to that view. Is it possible to disable the auto-zoom? Thanks!

  • sekler

    2014-06-07 04:59:11
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for your interest Yes, it can be disabled. You will have to delete one line of code, I can make that for you, just let me know (contact me through the profile page). Regards

  • DecoGrafics

    2014-07-10 14:44:43
    Purchased Reply

    Hi. How can i change the height of the map? I tried like this but doesn't change anything. Please advise. Thanks in advance.

  • sekler

    2014-07-12 01:52:19
    Purchased Reply

    You're doing it right. Please note that after changing those fields, the shortcode updates as well. Use the new shortcode on your page/post and it will be fine. Let me know if there's anything else.

  • DecoGrafics

    2014-07-15 19:19:15
    Purchased Reply

    can i add any kind of pins? any number of pins?

  • sekler

    2014-07-16 21:23:43
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, absolutely. :)

  • DecoGrafics

    2014-07-18 02:31:15
    Purchased Reply

    what is the update on the last version and how do i update it?

  • sekler

    2014-07-18 15:48:48
    Purchased Reply

    Along with the fixes and optimizations, it comes with lots of great new features like pinch zoom, hover tooltips, fullscreen support, rich description editor etc. Deactivate the plugin, and choose delete plugin files. (this will not affect your map database). Then go to Add New plugin, choose Upload and load the new installer: Activate the plugin and it’s ready to use. Unfortunately the landmark titles will disappear on your existing maps (due to an attribute name change) but everything else will remain unchanged.

  • DecoGrafics

    2014-08-04 19:21:56
    Purchased Reply

    how do i add my own pins? I have 32 custom different pins i want to add. Cheers.

  • sekler

    2014-08-21 19:13:45
    Purchased Reply

    There is a 'Custom Pins' chapter in the documentation, explaining everything. Let me know if you have further questions.

  • Semonxue

    2014-08-23 19:38:06
    Purchased Reply

    This plugin can't run currently on multi-site environment? I have install it in my stage site to do some test , it's in multi-site and same server . After that I active this plugin in production site, I found I can't create map.

  • Semonxue

    2014-08-24 00:49:39
    Purchased Reply

    It look some bug in create the db. The plugin can create the db in first plugin active. If I active it in another site in multisite,the db will not be create.

  • sekler

    2014-08-27 00:42:20
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, According to my knowledge, it should work just fine. If you're still having problems please contact me through the profile page and send a link and admin access if possible. Regards

  • drmagoo

    2014-08-22 05:34:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I went ahead a bought the plugin. The instructions for adding a pin seem to be old. Can you give me the new instructions? For example there is no ".im-pin" class. Thanks,

  • drmagoo

    2014-08-22 07:35:55
    Purchased Reply

    Ok, got most of it figured out! But if you put a pin by the top of the map the hover disappears, Is there some css to make the hover go outside the map dimensions? Thanks,

  • sekler

    2014-08-27 00:37:01
    Purchased Reply

    My bad. I forgot to update that part of the documentation. The class you should be looking for is ".mapplic-pin". What do you mean by hover? I'm a bit confused.

  • jomo5280

    2014-06-27 08:54:31
    Purchased Reply

    This may sound like an odd question - but it was requested that the map stays static when you click on a drop pin - as opposed to moving the map to center over drop pin. (i totally understand why it is done this way in the first place - but client does not like this for some odd reason) any input or ways to disable that would be appreciated! thanks!

  • sekler

    2014-07-01 23:01:29
    Purchased Reply

    You will have to delete a few lines of js. Contact me through the profile page and I will help you. Cheers

  • Dbswain91

    2014-02-12 03:58:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I am trying to create a map that has icons for festivals in The world. Does this plug in have a world map that i can place icons on for festivals? Also can I link to another page in the descrption of the icon? Dan

  • sekler

    2014-02-12 05:36:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Dan, The plugin doesn't come with maps, however you can find dozens of free word maps on the web, both image and vector maps. If you found a map that suits your needs, you're good to go with the plugin. The description supports HTML content, so you can add links to it (see Texas description on the US states example). Thank you

  • Totalscope

    2014-09-26 01:49:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I've had the plugin for awhile and have already used it on another site working fine. For some reason when I went to add it to the site I'm currently working on, the zoom is acting really funky. Here's a link to the page it's on Check it out; any help you could offer would be great! Thankyou

  • sekler

    2014-10-01 16:54:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, The theme you're using is applying an odd style: .row . col img { width: auto; } It's inside your theme's style.css. By removing that your problem will be fixed. Let me know if this helped. Regards

  • Totalscope

    2014-10-02 05:42:18
    Purchased Reply

    Worked like a charm, thanks for the help

  • sekler

    2014-10-03 22:26:59
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for letting me know. Cheers

  • benjibenja

    2014-10-31 03:41:49
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, it looks like your solution is what I need but browsing through the comments, I see that it's impossible to add shortcodes inside the tooltip description. Is this something that has changed or that can be achieved in some way for this ? I need to be able to add a link that will open a popup windows (from the tooltip description). Also, do you have a good recommendation towards where could I have a custom svg map done ? Thanks and great job on this plugin !!

  • sekler

    2014-11-08 01:26:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you for your comment and sorry for the late answer. It is not possible with the current version, but I have a patch for this you can use until the update comes out. No, not really, but I can recommend my designer. If you need the patch mentioned above or you want to share more details about your project feel free to contact me through the profile page. Regards

  • shrinker31

    2014-11-11 18:07:44
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I like your plugin, but I have one question: is compatible with wp 4.0? thank you

  • sekler

    2014-11-15 06:36:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Yes, it is 100% compatible with WordPress 4.0, I just had no time to update the item description. I will do that soon, thanks for your question. Regards

  • AdornTeam

    2014-10-28 20:58:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I need the categories and landmarks under the map. Is it possible? Is any custom function needed for this?

  • sekler

    2014-10-29 01:32:51
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Please resize your browser to see how it reacts on mobile (under 480px). I can help you modify this value so the map will look like on mobile (sidebar under the map) on every screen size. Let me know if you need this. Regards

  • a2597

    2014-09-11 23:05:30
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you to whoever identified the Progressive JPG bug! I just had this same issue, and you saved me a lot of headache. As an aside, sekler, you may want to update your demo of the apartment to use a non-progressive jpg image, as it's broken in iOS as well.

  • sekler

    2014-09-17 01:40:19
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you for the heads up. I will fix it ASAP. Best regards

  • wahhadesign

    2014-08-30 04:06:51
    Purchased Reply

    So do I need to create an svg file to make it work like the mall app? It looks like a .jpg file in there. I looked at the document.html file and such and really don't see much of a tutorial on it.

  • sekler

    2014-09-05 19:08:10
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, that's right. That is an .svg file. You should be looking for svg-map.html

  • greengraz

    2015-02-17 00:02:39
    Purchased Reply

    bought the control, downloaded the project and tried the demo without changing anything in the code or json file. I uploaded it on a live webserver and it is still returning “Data file missing or invalid!” error. Locally, it gives the same error too. What do I need to change ?

  • sekler

    2015-02-24 05:50:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Sorry for the delay. Is your web server an IIS? If yes, please add .json as MIME Type. If not, please contact me through the profile page and send me a link to your site. Regards