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Update July 12 2013

A Script bug reported by some users has been fixed.

HD preview and Tutorials online


The package can be used in different way, from a promo spot for TV to web channels. The variety of element in the pack makes this project usable and reusable many times in other projects to. All you see can be retime depending on your needs.
Not all the elements in the pack have been used in the preview, so make sure to check all !
Optical Flares plugin has been pre render.Original layer are hidden.
Universalize Expressions script have been run, so you should be able to open the file in your language without errors.


Transitions and Overlays

  • 13 Overlays textures ready to drag and drop into your project
  • 21 Broadcast transitions ready to use.
  • 11 Stripes transitions
  • 3 Reveal 2K res


  • Layered PSD graphics.
  • Each Graphic can have a different color and texture (choose from 25+)
  • Pre animated numbers, (radial and linear)
  • Pre animated arrows:
  • 2 arrows types (fill & stroke) 3 animation type for each arrows:Elastic, Scale, Easy_Out.
  • 2 directions (Hor & Vert)
  • Tree animated Circles:
  • Simple, dashed 3 Circles type : Bold,Regular,Light.
  • Pre animated clock more than 5 velocity options.
  • Custom Logo Background and transitions.


  • 4 days a week, animate in and out, retime and displacement customizable.
  • Quick Kinetic text option
  • 4 Lowers third ready
  • 3D Mograph animation, all matte layers are provided for advanced customization.
  • Info Window
  • Rolling Credits
  • Pre Animated shape layered Social Icons (YT, Vimeo, Twitter)
  • Fully customizable pre animated whether slots
  • 15 pre masked transitions ready to drag and drop.
  • Circular bump in/out


Font used in the preview: Futura std. Every text layer have a duplicate with the Arial font ready The project will open by default with the Arial font. Turn on the Futura Font layer if you have it or play with a different font without messing up the Arial one.


Walk on Horizon is the track used from my all time
favorite electronic dance music author on Audio Jungle Dejans Subotin
Sound FX are included and are courtesy of Dejans,
so please have a look at his portfolio and support the track !


A fist quick tutorial on basic workflow with fonts in AE and a more extended video on how to accomplish the basic customization of the file. If you want to have a particular comp or segment more developed, contact me and I will make a screen cap for you. Tutorial are aviable on


Out of this world
Project London
Aerea NY Artbeats
Artbeats_CRW127H2 People Walking NY
Artbeats_RTB107H1 Army Tank

Thanks !


© This After Effects Template and All it’s Contents All Rights is Reserved by on behalf of Arthur Velly.

  • nels

    2013-05-31 04:12:01
    Purchased Reply

    Profesional package!

  • maocenter

    2015-11-28 00:45:28
    Purchased Reply

    It is the name of the music please

  • maocenter

    2015-11-28 00:46:03
    Purchased Reply

    what* is the name of the music please.

  • flashato

    2015-11-28 06:09:29
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for buying ! it s in the description at the end, thanks !

  • maocenter

    2015-11-30 21:47:38
    Purchased Reply


  • maocenter

    2015-11-30 21:47:50
    Purchased Reply


  • d3luxxxe

    2013-05-30 03:26:47
    Purchased Reply

    Great work Arthur, it is really a cool pack :) All the best.

  • manbaisul

    2015-05-04 14:49:51
    Purchased Reply

    hello! I would like to ask the Arthur Valley author of this project, you can create one skin for the city television channel which prozhivaet 40,000 people this style. If you can how much will it cost? please reply to this address: [email protected]

  • flashato

    2015-05-05 04:39:36
    Purchased Reply

    I sent u a mail :)

  • manbaisul

    2015-06-03 15:21:22
    Purchased Reply

    I have not received screen sorts/

  • flashato

    2015-07-04 17:26:09
    Purchased Reply

    I finally sent you the preview , sorry to be late but thing happen in life :)

  • usmanrafi

    2013-05-29 16:14:18
    Purchased Reply

    Great work my friend, Well done :)

  • motionglare

    2013-05-30 08:19:04
    Purchased Reply

    Great work Flashato :)

  • el-paranoik

    2013-05-29 15:05:10
    Purchased Reply

    Elite project!

  • Jaxbond

    2013-05-29 14:31:47
    Purchased Reply

    Very nice work!

  • jvirgos

    2013-05-29 18:05:59
    Purchased Reply

    OMG.. you did it once again. You kill us. Outstanding as always Arthur.

  • sonorafilms

    2013-06-13 02:37:04
    Purchased Reply

    Great work as always!!

  • flashato

    2013-06-13 22:05:09
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks Sonora !

  • rlmoss1684

    2013-07-02 06:04:01
    Purchased Reply

    Ok. bought it. I was with the impression I could change the bkgrnd color. I want everything that is orange to become red. It seems those elements are PNG files and are not changeable (without a lot of work). Or am I just missing something here?

  • flashato

    2013-07-02 06:29:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hello and thanks for buying the project you can change color with the hue and saturation effect as explain in the tut or check the wednsday bg for reference.sorry for bad writing i m on iphone

  • zhisheng

    2013-05-29 15:29:48
    Purchased Reply

    Excellent work ! ;)

  • ruslan-ivanov

    2013-05-29 17:58:07
    Purchased Reply

    Big work ) very nice

  • Wayman

    2013-05-29 20:31:34
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome pack, Arthur!

  • keybal

    2013-06-08 00:25:37
    Purchased Reply

    Cool - i like such design!

  • AlexTantsura

    2013-05-29 20:30:17
    Purchased Reply

    Bellissimo :)

  • IronykDesign

    2013-06-01 07:44:18
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulazioni Arthur! Great stuff! Complex pack and great attention to details! Best wishes! :)

  • flashato

    2013-06-01 07:50:48
    Purchased Reply

    Thank s guys/gals :) a pleasure have your feedback !

  • ctate95

    2013-06-06 14:07:14
    Purchased Reply

    I've downloaded the package and am now watching your tutorial, but my logo refuses to work with the package! I've change the file to my own 900x900 image, but it doesn't pop up in the video... It's just blank in the logo sections. It's a jpg image if that means anything. Thanks!

  • flashato

    2013-06-06 14:59:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hello ctate, make sure as I explain in the tut that the logo have the same dimensions and more important it has to be on a TRANSPARENT background.
    A .png with alpha channel will work. Let me know from my profile if you need more assistance and thanks !

  • pixofx

    2013-05-29 15:03:15
    Purchased Reply

    great work.. :)

  • realthing

    2013-05-29 20:07:31
    Purchased Reply

    Amazing work Arthur.... love the style and colors.... wish you the best :)