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MyListing, a Powrful Directory, Listing and Event WordPress Theme

MyListing is a Wordpress theme that gives you complete freedom to create any type of directory or listing website Design your pages on the front-end and witness your work instantly come to life. MyListing pages are created using the powerful front-end page builder, Elementor. All 50+ elements are drag and drop, and easy to use and customize. Absolutely no coding required.

Advanced Listing type creator, for any type of directory.

Whether you’re creating a business, event, or any other type of directory, you would want different look, functionality and features for each of them. Our advanced listing type creator lets you do just that. Choose between 20+ pre-made fields and create your own unlimited custom fields. Each listing can also have their own products for sale, host events, forms, reviews, comments and other custom tabs.

Create and customize your explore page

Build advanced search forms with unlimited custom filters. Choose between three pre-made explore page templates and 10+ Google map skins

Monetize your directory website

Earn money by monetizing listing submission, aswell as allowing users to promote their listings

Full Theme Features

  • MyListing uses Elementor page builder – the fastest growing, open-source WordPress page builder.
  • Over 50 Elementor widgets ready to use.
  • Advanced Listing Type Builder
  • Add unlimited listing types, each with it’s own unique design and functionality.
  • Listing Type editor with a beautiful and easy to use interface.
  • Custom Listing Profiles for each listing type.
  • Custom Fields with powerful field editor for each listing type.
  • Customize the listing preview box, uniquely for each listing type.
  • Customize the Explore page uniquely with custom facets for each listing type.
  • Powerful search facet editor, unique to each listing type.
  • TimeKit and Contact Form 7.
  • Listing Reviews.
  • Bookmark Listings.
  • Listing Ratings.
  • Shortcode generator with an easy to use interface.
  • Custom shortcodes included.
  • ‘Button’ shortcode.
  • ‘Listing Categories’ shortcode.
  • ‘Format Text’ shortcode.
  • ‘Icon Picker’ shortcode.
  • ‘Listing Search Form’ shortcode.
  • Over 2000 icons to choose from, including Custom Theme Icons, Material Icons, Font Awesome, and Glyphicons.
  • Integrated with Google Maps.
  • Custom Google Maps markers.
  • Custom Google Maps location previews.
  • Marker/Location clustering.
  • Background Images Parallax
  • Background Video
  • Owl Carousel
  • PhotoSwipe
  • Custom Scrollbars
  • Instant search on header.
  • Listing quick view.
  • Bootstrap
  • Fully Responsive
  • Breadcrumbs bar (section).
  • Customized Dashboard page for front end users.
  • Users can request to add their own products.
  • Share listings/posts functionality included.
  • Fully integrated with WooCommerce.
  • User Sign In/Register functionality included.
  • Fully integrated with WP Job Manager.
  • WC Paid Listings supported.
  • Single Click Demo Import.
  • Choose from all of our online demos.
  • Integrated with Contact Form 7.
  • Contact Form widget included.
  • Latest Blog Posts widget included.
  • Built using Vue.js JavaScript framework.
  • Customize header.
  • Four different header types, alongside other options, and the ability to edit the header on a per-page basis.
  • Smooth scrolling option.
  • Customizable footer.
  • Back to top option.
  • Translation ready (Does not support multi-language).
  • Minified and combined assets to reduce the amount of http requests and enhance load time and site performance.
  • Clean and well structured code.
  • Related listings (Host) for listings.
  • Custom, mulitple store tabs possible for each listing.
This theme requires PHP version 5.5+
MyListing can be translated to any language, but it is not multi-language or WPML compatible yet


- FIX: Custom permalinks bug when not using a base slug.
- FIX: Marker clustering not working in 27 > Map widget when using Mapbox.
- FIX: Markers getting hidden sometimes when dragging the map in Mapbox.
- FIX: Broken structured data table in the listing type editor.
- FIX: Custom listing permalinks not working on WordPress subdirectory installations.
- FIX: Missing 'Edit Permalink' button when editing a listing in backend.
- FIX: Preview Listing screen in Add Listing page not loading.
- FIX: First listing category/region selected not being used in the url (custom permalinks).
- FIX: Blurred map markers when using Mapbox.
- FIX: Missing translation strings.
- Added Mapbox support, as a Google Maps alternative.
- Added custom listing permalinks, with support for listing type, category, region, and url-s without a base static word.
- Added option to set Maps language in WP Admin > Theme Tools > Map Services.
- Added ability to use custom map skins in WP Admin > Theme Tools > Map Services.
- Added package visibility settings for static code blocks in single listing page (Can be used to display ads in listings with specific packages).
- Added 'step size' setting for Range and Proximity filters, making it possible to set the search radius to less than 1km.

- Improved term blocks layout in single listing page.
- Users will be prompted to share their device location when searching for nearby listings.
- Enabled map interactions on single listing page maps.
- Added [[:currentuserlogin]] to retrieve logged in user's username in Shortcode content blocks and other places that support the bracket syntax.
- Added "Listing Type(s)" column in term view screen in WP Admin > Listings > (Categories/Tags/Regions).
- Added geolocation button in the location field in Add Listing page.

- Numeric listing fields with '0' as value not showing up on content blocks.
- Info cards section bug when editing in Elementor.
- Claimed badge not shown in single listing page when Paid Listings module is disabled.
- Parallax effect on single listing page when using custom header templates & similar issue with "27 > Page Heading" Elementor widget.
- Using multiple work hours blocks in single listing page not working properly.
- Multiselect fields not showing the assigned placeholder in Add Listing page.
- Yoast SEO not recognizing the description field when editing a listing in backend.
- Conflict with Yoast SEO's latest version, preventing the plugin from working in single term page in backend.
- Using backslashes in field names in listing type editor breaks the listing type config.
- Listing type editor not loading config immediately on page load.
- Not possible to deselect custom term landing page (for listing categories, regions, and tags).
- Added proximity ordering option in Explore page (Nearby listings).
- Added option to format the value of Range filters in Explore page.
- Added new option in Explore page widget's Elementor settings to disable live url update feature.
- FIX: Cover images in single listing page not centered properly.
- FIX: Missing translation strings.
v1.7.0.3 - FIX: Broken layout in single category/region/tag pages.
         - FIX: Promoted listings being duplicated in Explore page results on some sites.
v1.7.0.2 - FIX: Normal users having no permission to promote listings
v1.7.0.1 - FIX: Explore page loading issue
- Promotions v2, a complete revamp of the promoted listings feature.
- One-click demo importing is now available.
- Explore: Page url is now dynamically updated as you filter listings. This makes it possible to remember the state of filters when opening a listing, and then going back to filters.
- Explore: Custom sorting options are now also available for Categories, Regions, and Tags tabs.
- Added sidebar support for the WooCommerce shop and product pages.
- Added ability to set number of product columns on shop page, through Theme Options > Shop Page.
- Added support for cookie consent checkbox in comments/reviews form.
- Added new Cart section in site header.
- Added support for setting custom landing pages for listing regions, categories, and tags.
- Listing Feed widget now supports passing an Explore page URL for retrieving results, allowing you to customize it based on Explore page filters.
- FIX: Clusters not working properly on inital load in Explore page.
- FIX: Image carousel blocks not working properly when using multiple of them on single listing page.
- FIX: Elementor 27 > Content Block not rendering rich content.
- FIX: Multiple issues with dropdown inputs, such as option filtering not working after first selection, and also included a better sorting algorithm for search results.
- FIX: On social login, some users having to refresh the site manually to see their account information.
- FIX: On social login with Facebook, the user's Facebook profile picture not showing up sometimes.
- FIX: Order by Rating in Explore page excluding listings without a rating.
- FIX: Drag&drop reordering not working for Regions in Add/Edit Listing page.
- FIX: Share on Twitter and WhatsApp not working on some devices. Also added new 'Copy Link' option in the share dialog.
- FIX: Default WordPress search form displaying a blank page when finding no results.
- FIX: ReCaptcha on contact forms in single listing page not working.
- Improved parallax effect performance.
- Added compatibility with the latest Elementor version (v2.1.2).
- TWEAK: Theme Options > Custom Code now features a code editor with syntax highlighting.
- Fixed multiple issues with listing package subscriptions (available through WooCommerce Subscriptions extension)
- Added 'Connected Accounts' section in User Menu > Account Details, to manage linked Google and Facebook accounts.
- Added support for Elementor PRO custom header/footer templates.
- Added profile picture settings, allowing the user to use one of the connected accounts picture.
- On package selection step, owned package are now displayed in a dropup menu within each product, alongside design improvements to the pricing plans section.
- FIX: Content blocks are now mixed in mobile when using two-columns layout (similar to masonry layout).
- FIX: Compatibility issues with latest WooCommerce version.
- FIX: ReCaptcha not working on single listing page contact forms.
- FIX: Pagination not working properly on related listings tab in single listing page.
- FIX: Issue with review count in single listing page.
- FIX: Maps not properly working on custom tabs in single listing page.
- Included new section in listing type editor, explaining how to use the bracket syntax and listing special keys.
  Additionally, new special keys have been added, to retrieve listing author, listing date, and currently logged-in user.
v1.6.5.1 - FIX: Facebook login issue
- FEATURE: Added column layout options in single listing page.
- FEATURE: Social login with Google and Facebook is now built-in.
- User dashboard menu can now be managed through Appearance > Menus.
- Listing packages can now be restriced to a single purchase per user. Useful for free/trial packages.
- Added ability to set custom a custom id and classnames for blocks in single listing page.
- Added ability to set a unique icon for content blocks in single listing page.
- Added compatibility with Elementor 2.0.9
- Added additional header and single listing typography options in WP Admin > Theme Options.
- FIX: Promotion keys sometimes not being applied to listings.
- FIX: Incorrect review count being shown on single listing page.
- FIX: When previewing a new listing, then going back to edit data, previously selected tags and region(s) were not being automatically selected.
- FIX: Post categories and post tags url base can now be modified.
- FIX: Event date search filters not working properly.
- FIX: Term lists in Add Listing page now appear in alphabetical order.
- FIX: Listings, listing categories, listing tags, and regions url base now supports non-latin characters.
- FIX: Listing packages with a limit of 1 listing not being hidden after reaching limit.
- FIX: Scroll to top of results on explore page no-map template.
- Minor fixes/improvements (issues in blog-feed widget, filters misbehaving in Explore page, updated ACF version, etc.)
- Added compatibility with Elementor 2.0
- Added new field visibility rule for listings without a package set. This can be useful to display premium fields on listings added through WP backend.
- Category/Tag/Region url base can now be modified through WP Admin > Settings > Permalinks
- Added support for key:value pairs in field options (for custom select, multiselect, radio fields).
- Added filter by region/tag in "27 > Listing Feed" Elementor widget.
- "Login to comment" link will now open the popup login form.
- Added 'mylisting\packages\free\skip-checkout' filter to optionally skip the checkout step on free listing packages.
- Fixed Explore page title to show the name of the term on single category/region/tag page; and page description, when using Yoast SEO plugin.
- Fixed schema issue when setting review mode to 5 stars.
- Fixed issue with "Allow Shortcodes" option in WP Editor custom field.
- Fixed issue with pagination in region explore page.
- Fixed datepicker issues and added localization for the displayed date.
- Fixed issue with overlapping content in single listing block elements.
- Fixed conflict with WC Vendors on including same JS plugin as the theme, but a different version.
- Fixed issue with payment package displaying incorrect package count.
- Fixed issue with wrong redirect on failed login/register attempts through the popup forms.
- Fixed issue with single listing contact form being always visible.
- Fixed translation issues (in work hours, event date, etc.)
- More minor bug fixes.
- SEO: Improved source code readability by removing some unnecessary inline styles.
- Dev: Added 'mylisting\single\og:tags' filter for managing open graph tags in single listing page.
- Added option to manually set coordinates in listing location field.
- Added support for pin locking in listing location field.
- Fixed issue with category/region/tag page not working when non-latin characters are used in the term slug.
- Fixed error when updating Advanced Custom Fields PRO plugin.
- Fixed error on new theme installations breaking Paid Listings functionality.
- Fixed issue with verified sign not appearing in listing preview cards.
- Fixed issue with translating datepicker strings.
v1.6.0.2 - Fixed RTL style issues
v1.6.0.1 - Fixed some styling issues in iOS Safari
- FEATURE: Added new structured data (schema) editing tool in the listing type editor.
- FEATURE: Added ability to customize how search results are ordered, based on any custom field.
- FEATURE: Paid listings functionality is now builtin, with the ability to switch listing package among other improvements.
- FEATURE: Claim listing functionality is now builtin, no 3rd party plugin is required.
- Added new Global listing types, which can be used in Explore page to display a search form that includes results from all other listing types.
- Added ability to display dropdown and checkbox filter options in the same order they've been added in the Fields tab.
- Added new listing-type-specific options for default listing logo and cover image.
- Added ability to show listing owner/author in listing preview card.
- Added support for Contact Form 7's autoresponder feature in listing contact forms.
- Added new ordering option in Listing Feed Elementor widget.
- Added new option in 27 > Map widget to specify how many listings to show.
- Listing social networks can now be added, removed, reordered, modified using the 'mylisting\links-list' filter.
- Localized datepicker strings. Added filters to change date, time formats, and which day is set as the first weekday.
- Added support for comments in page templates.
- Improved SEO performance in single listing pages.
- Improved blog post archive page layout and SEO performance.
- Included default Google Maps skin option.
- Removed duplicate title field in listing backend edit form.
- Fixed issue with datepicker displaying the selected day wrong. Only happened to users in negative timezone offsets.
- Fixed issue with relist packages.
- Fixed issue with listing preview image not being visible on Elementor map section.
- Fixed issue with Countdown content block not accounting for different timezones.
- Fixed issue with Checkboxes filter order and orderby options.
- Fixed issue with the keyword filter not searching on listing description field.
- Fixed issue with "Enable customer registration on the "My account" page" option still displaying the registration form when left unchecked.
- Fixed conflict with Yoast SEO plugin causing duplicate opengraph tags in singe listing pages.
- Fixed missing translation strings.
- Improved mobile menu framerate
- Added featured listings support to appear at the top of the results
- Fixed issue with listing work hours in preview card.
- Fixed issue with listing tagline containing html markup.
- Fixed bug in social networks field showing an unnecessary select option.
- Fixed issue with custom file upload fields and selecting a list of allowed extensions.
- Fixed more missing translation strings.
- Fixed issue with category field missing on admin add listing page.
- Added additional helper css classes to content blocks in single listing page.
- Added new "Files" content block, for displaying custom file upload fields in a list layout in single listing page.
- Added ability to set the level of customization the listing description editor provides - from a plain textarea, to a full size WYSIWYG editor.
- Shortcodes in listing description editor can now be optionally allowed.
- Added ability to upload custom images as term icons (custom category, tag, region icons).
- Added 2 new term templates apart from the default multiselect template: term single select, and term checklist.
- Added ability to restrict places autocomplete results to one or more countries.
- Added ability to set what types of results places autocomplete should return.
- Added oEmbed support on listing description and in custom content blocks.
- Added compatibility with WPJM Claim Listing plugin.
- Added ability to use HTML and shortcodes in table, accordion, tabs, and details content blocks.
- Added new work hours options for "Open all day", "Closed all day", and "By appointment only".
- Added new options in Explore page for "Automatically scroll to results" and "Zoom map using mouse scroll".
- Improved work hours feature. Listing status will now be "N/A" instead of "Closed" when no work hours have been entered. And the block won't be visible at all when no work hours have been set.
- Improved performance with high quality images used in listing galleries.
- Improved the "Shortcode" content block so it's hidden if any of the used fields are empty.
- Fixed issue with Facebook share dialog not including listing logo.
- Fixed missing translation strings.
- Fixed issue with importing listing type configs.
- Fixed issue with conditional fields not showing when using a pre-owned listing package.
- Fixed preview card issue when displaying a related listing (host) that doesn't have a logo set.
- Fixed issue with rtl content when using child theme.
- Fixed issues with Elementor texteditor widget.
- WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin has been styled to match the theme.
- Numeric custom fields now can optionally allow decimal numbers.
v1.5.0.3 - Fixed issue with Contact Form 7 not working on single listing page.
v1.5.0.2 - Fixed issue in WP Admin that was causing several plugins to stop working properly.
v1.5.0.1 - Added RTL support for the new review categories section.
- FEATURE: Paid Packages can now be restricted to one or more listing types.
- FEATURE: Listing fields can now be shown/hidden based on the listing package.
- FEATURE: Listing reviews can have more than one category for ratings.
- FEATURE: Image galleries can now be attached to a listing review.
- Added optional 5 star listing ratings instead of the usual 10.
- Added new content block for displaying shortcodes, iframes, etc. using listing data.
  e.g. you could use the listing's twitter username to display a feed of all their tweets.
- Fixed issue with Elementor Social Icons widget.
- Fixed issue with empty space when less than 3 gallery images are used in single listing page.
- Fixed issue with "show in admin" option in listing fields.
- Fixed single listing layout when no logo is present.
- Fixed issue with content width on blog posts.
- Minor bug fixes.
- Notified all our users about a bug in the latest WP Job Manager plugin - Please read more here
- Fixed issue with custom fields in Listing type creator
- Updated premium plugins to latest version
- Fixed minor bugs
- Listing description can now be either a WP Editor or a plain textarea.
- Added new dark style for the quick search widget.
- Added ability to use custom datetime formats with the [27-format] shortcode.
- Fixed issue with related listings tab.
- Fixed issue with translation of plural strings.
- Fixed issue with text encoding of some languages in featured service widget.
- Fixed issue with some users not appearing in the listing author select box.
- Fixed issue with WP Editor fields not appearing in WP Admin edit listing page.
- Fixed issue with featured section backround image on iOS devices.
- Fixed minor RTL issues.
- Updated the bundled MyCity demo to the latest version.
- Added ability to show multiselect custom fields in preview card, cover buttons, and content blocks.
- Fixed issue with custom fields not showing up in dropdown and checkbox search filters.
- Fixed issue with user menu translation.
- Fixed issue with spinner on quicksearch widget.
- More minor improvements.
- FEATURE: Categories, Tags, and Regions can be specific to one or more listing types.
- FEATURE: Added new [quicksearch] shortcode, with instant AJAX results.
- FEATURE: Added "Regions" taxonomy.
- FEATURE: Added new Elementor widget for displaying terms (regions, categories, or tags).
- FEATURE: Added support for rich editor custom fields in single listing page.
- Tags now can be accessed similarly to categories in the Explore page.
- Single listing page's base URL ( can now be modified in Settings > Permalinks.
- Added new single page layout block that allows the site admin to insert shortcodes and raw content.
- Added single image layout block in single listing page.
- Categories, Tags, and Regions have been updated with SEO friendly url-s, e.g.
- Included Brazilian translation (pt_BR), courtesy of Marcelo Lopes!
- Fixed issue with non-translatable strings.
- FEATURE: Added ability to have multiple work hours ranges for a single day.
- Every listing field can now be edited from the wp-admin panel.
- Added option to change listing owner from the WP Admin dashboard.
- Added ability to update listing expiry date from the WP Admin dashboard.
- Redesigned Checkout page for better user experience.
- Updated proximity filter to only be active once a location is set, instead of manually enabling it.
- Fixed issue with parallax background on iPad on landscape.
- Updated the included docs to the latest version, and added info on how to install and configure automatic updates.
- Included theme translations for:
    - German (de_DE) thanks to Christian Sommer
    - Russian (ru_RU) thanks to Alex ( @corradulka )
    - Portuguese (pt_PT) thanks to Joao Coelho
- Added ability to show categories in parent-child format in Explore page.
- Fixed issue with inaccurate category listing count.
- Fixed issue when no listing type is given on the Explore page.
- Fixed issue with user dropdown menu items order.
- Redesigned Explore page for better UX.
- Improved styling on BuddyPress group pages.
- Redesigned Cart page for better user experience in desktop and mobile devices.
- Added new transparent option for search widget.
- Slider Revolution is now bundled with the theme.
- Child categories will inherit parent settings like icon, color, image - unless overwritten.
- Added specific CSS classes for single listings, listing previews, quick view, explore, etc.
- Updated docs on how to import demo data using All-in-One WP Migration (
- Included MyHome and MyCar import files.
- Fixed issue with multiselect filters in Explore page.
- Added BuddyPress profile link in user dropdown menu.
- Added ability to filter results using multiselect fields.
- Added default background color to logos to avoid issues with transparent images.
- Minor bug fixes
- Added quick import for MyCity demo using All-in-One WP Migration
- Improved BuddyPress style
- Fixed issues with accent color
- Fixed RTL issues
- Added ability to set site logo size in header.
- Fixed issue with listing "Location" field in admin panel.
- Fixed issue with child theme.
- Fixed issue with drag & drop in Chrome 62.
- Minor bug fixes.
- FEATURE: Complete BuddyPress integration.
- FEATURE: Added right-to-left text support.
- FEATURE: Added new author block for single listing page.
- Added ability to set the logic used on search queries with multiple categories/tags selected.
- Added unique classes to content-block elements.
- Added hooks for custom block elements.
- Added child theme.
- SEO optimizations.
- Updated Advanced Custom Fields PRO to latest version.
- Updated package selection layout.
- Updated documentation on product vendors.
- Fixed quick view height issue.
- Fixed bug in "Work Hours" field.
- Fixed bug with multiselect fields.

v1.1 – The first of many
- Added links to docs in the listing type builder.
- BUGFIX: When adding new listings from admin dashboard, no listing fields would appear at first.
- BUGFIX: In the listing type builder, when no field was being used, drag & drop wouldn't work properly.

  • franadamsdesigns

    2017-10-20 06:24:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi I am very interested in purchasing this theme.... I have a questions on the 'Translation Ready' element... how does this work? I will need to have a few translated versions (English, French, German, Spanish, Flemmish)- How difficult will this be to set up, and will there be a dropdown in the menu to select language? Thanks

  • 27collective

    2017-10-20 06:47:27
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, You can use translation plugins to translate the theme. It's as easy as in any other theme you have used. We don't have a select language dropdown but we have it in our feature bucket list and will add it soon. We can also help you make this customization once you install. Kind regards

  • franadamsdesigns

    2017-10-20 08:42:22
    Purchased Reply

    I have not used a translation plugin before.... could you reccomend one? (simplicity and functionality) All elements of the pages would need to be translated.... and I just have 2 more questions before purchase 1) Is there an option for the 'Explore Page' to have a map on the top, as opposed to on the side? 2) On the front page header the search options on demo are 'What are you looking for' and 'Categories' can this be changed so there is a location based search box (geolocated)? Thanks in advance

  • 27collective

    2017-10-20 08:48:54
    Purchased Reply

    We're currently testing Polylang plugin. We will update it if we find any problems. 1. The map is a standalone element and you can add it anywhere you need. Check this 2. Yes, you can fully customize the search fields both on the homepage and explore page. Kind regards

  • franadamsdesigns

    2017-10-25 08:48:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hi,,, i have purchased the theme now, and wondering how I set up the geolocated search field.. I dont see an option for this in the shortcodes?

  • 27collective

    2017-10-25 09:36:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Please read the documentation. That search form is built in Listing tools, listing types when you create or edit a listing type Kind regards

  • franadamsdesigns

    2017-10-25 12:32:41
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you that helped... i did submit a request through the support page on how to increase logo size... but did not hear back yet.... could you help me with that please, I need logo to appear alot bigger than it is

  • 27collective

    2017-10-25 12:41:29
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I don't see any ticket with your username. But no need for that we updated the theme and added the option to increase the logo size. Go to ThemeOptions > Header and change logo height Kind regards

  • franadamsdesigns

    2017-10-25 13:06:47
    Purchased Reply

    ok thanks- do i need to re-install the theme for the update, or is there a way to do automatic updates?

  • 27collective

    2017-10-25 17:04:35
    Purchased Reply

    Re-download and install

  • Daffson

    2017-10-21 23:31:24
    Purchased Reply

    One more question. Paid listings - can be defined for each package visible content? For example, package A - can enter the name, address; package B - can be entered as in package A plus telephone, description, opening hours ...
    If there is no such option, can you include it in the dev queue? I am convinced that such a way allows for better monetization.

  • 27collective

    2017-10-21 23:47:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, we have that in the feature requests list. Will address soon Kind regards

  • josemanuel

    2017-10-24 07:15:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hi another question its possible to have steps on the submit page:

  • 27collective

    2017-10-24 07:36:58
    Purchased Reply

    We will redesign the whole submission page for better UX soon. Right now you can't

  • chemtu

    2017-10-20 18:12:08
    Purchased Reply

    It's a very very nice listing theme, honestly. The design is super good. Hopefully the function, speed and will be great too!. I have some question. 1) For my-city demo, I see there's a shop section for each listing. The listing owner can add their own product, right? When user add a product to cart, will the notification send to site admin or shop owner? And the payment will be paid to back account of site owner or shop owner? And will the order recorded on listing owner dashboard? 2) For timekit booking, do listing owners need to go register at at timekit first? or it's already built-in set up in the theme? 3) Do I need more paid plug in to run this site? 4) Does it provide login/sign up with social media? 5) Can I set to allow only paid member to add products and event? 6) What is promotional key? Is it like ads on the website? If yes, where the ads will be? And what algorithm behind that? Is it like a rotated slot? 7) For car and real estate, on single listing page, I don't see the profile of the listing owner, e.g. name. How can user know which car dealer is providing that specific product? 8 ). Will the site slow down if I have 1000 listing or more? (most directory theme I used to try, the speed and load time is very bad when there's 1000+ products) 9) On single listing page, can I have different layout and cover buttons? Thank you very much! Best regards.

  • 27collective

    2017-10-20 21:32:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, 1. Yes, each user has their own store and can create products. You have two payment options: One- the default way, all earnings go to the site admin Two - we made the theme compatible with WC vendors which lets you split commisioms with user and admin 2. You need to register externally. We’re gonna bring a built-in feature soon 3. No paid plugins needed to run the theme. (Except those that are included with the theme, which we bought so you don’t need to) 4. Not available in current build 5. We’re working to make that possible 6. That can be created as a product, to be used when users promote their listings. The ads show up where you place the listing feed element (optional) and in explore page (optional). The ads rotate 7. We’re adding BuddyPress and a custom listing element that shows the vendor in the next 24 hours 8. That may depend on your hosting and traffic 9. Yes. Advanced listing type builder is a built-in feature which lets you do that Kind regards

  • chemtu

    2017-10-22 20:20:14
    Purchased Reply

    I like this listing that they have 2 ads position (rotated) on the top of listing. The ads will display based on category and location Do your ads (promotion) work like this on your theme?

  • chemtu

    2017-10-23 05:39:41
    Purchased Reply

    Another more question 10) Can we have another field on registered form to confirm password? 11) Do we have category filter for blog? 12) Which hosting would you recommend to use in order to make the site load fast? 13) Can we make a "list view" of the card on mobile? (e.g. image stay on the left, and the text detail stay on the right.)

  • 27collective

    2017-10-23 11:51:01
    Purchased Reply

    About Ads and Ad Space, in Explore page there will be a random promoted listing based on the listing type. On other places throughout the site, you can define ad space using the listing feed widget. We're planning to improve it to work based on amount of impressions, not just randomly like it does right now. 10. That's not possible right now. We'll look to add that in the future. 11. There is the category page, if that's what you mean. 12. DigitalOcean seems to work very well. 13. That's not possible right now.

  • leon1000

    2017-10-19 01:59:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Guys, great looking theme, couple of questions pre-sale. Do I need to buy any third party plugins for this theme for any of the current features in the demos? Also how does the theme work with Stripe subscription payments.

  • aalbion

    2017-10-19 02:05:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, 1) No, you don't need to buy anything else. Two premium plugins are bundled within the theme, and others can be downloaded for free from the WordPress plugin directory. 2) Every payment goes through WooCommerce, so you can use all the payment gateways WooCommerce provided. I'm not sure if Stripe is included in there.

  • leon1000

    2017-10-19 03:10:31
    Purchased Reply

    with the two premium plugins do I need to renew next year?

  • 27collective

    2017-10-19 04:24:55
    Purchased Reply

    No need to renew anything. We take care of that.

  • Daffson

    2017-10-21 01:34:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, how do I enter a multiple opening time? For example, Monday 08:00 – 12:00 and Monday 13:00 – 17:00?

  • p_27collective

    2017-10-21 01:36:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, That is not possible at this time. We will try to include it in a future update. Thanks!

  • asingular

    2017-10-20 23:18:34
    Purchased Reply

    Hi again. I am wondering how you would handle this? If I have an art gallery that will be listed as a place, but they also have rental space within the gallery, would you create 2 listings for the same place with the same address - or is there a way to create a listing for a place with a rental info section? Not sure the best way to accomplish that and what this theme is capable of.

  • 27collective

    2017-10-20 23:24:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, you could use the related listings option. Would work just like places and events whch are connected in our demo. Instead of events you would have rent space

  • asingular

    2017-10-21 00:10:01
    Purchased Reply

    Oh wow - that would work perfectly. I am very excited to try this out soon. And I must repeat, the speed of your support is ridiculously fast. Amazing. By the way, did you have a chance to look into the email issue I mentioned a few days ago? I am not receiving any email from the demo. If I request a new password, it does not send it to me. I have checked my spam as well. I would love to test some os the dashboard and user functions related to listings but can't log in. Thanks

  • aalbion

    2017-10-21 03:51:20
    Purchased Reply

    It may be related to the server's email configuration. I'll have a look at it.

  • dominicans

    2017-10-21 15:17:15
    Purchased Reply

    I'm waiting per hour for launch my website =) did you added more blogs layouts?

  • 27collective

    2017-10-21 15:20:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, No other blog layouts added so far. We'll address that once we finish our most popular requested features Kind regards

  • lifemasterylabs

    2017-10-25 12:44:01
    Purchased Reply

    Forgive the contrarian opinion on the theme comment thread - but I would argue - that alexdc1 above - is completely confused about whose responsibility it is to make a directory theme - or framework - profitable :) Having run dozens of directories - and having had hundreds of clients (and thousands of subscribers in a community of directory builders and marketplace entrepreneurs) there is no theme that is going to make your local directory profitable - full stop. And there is no viable - valuable - enduring monetization model for this sort of site, that is predicated on "no follow links" (unless you are planning on having to hard sell local business owners on things they can't understand - and long term - have little empirical value to their brands or businesses anyway) - the simple truth is, with the absolute avalanche of features, and functionality that this theme offers - if you can't reverse engineer a zillion different ways to monetize your community - it ain't gonna be the fault of theme, or the author ;) (PS - I'd also argue that any notion of monetizing your site by dint of "featured listings" or coupons - or adding videos or any of those style offers - is why the vast majority of directory projects - fail to become profitable. The best way to make money from this theme (or any similar directory) is to sell high end, marketing services or online "agency" offers to the folks listed on your community - OR/AND - using the WCvendors functionality - (or using simple affiliate links standard in the WC external product type - to earn affiliate commissions - or do JV deals - with your professional peers. (the folks listed on the site - and the public who will buy their products) This is a great theme - with amazing functionality - and world class design, features and implementations that would cost thousands of dollars to custom develop - and yet, most folks will spend all of their time hoping for this feature or that - this shiny new "must have" integration or that - and invariably - if history is our guide - completely miss the avalanche of opportunities available right now - to make a killer community - and a hyper profitable business - with everything being completely as it is - baked in at this very moment.

  • 27collective

    2017-10-25 13:59:39
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for this comment. Really good points

  • gerardo5078

    2017-10-26 10:05:41
    Purchased Reply

    I'll buy it on friday, could keep this price until then?

  • 27collective

    2017-10-26 10:55:11
    Purchased Reply

    I'm not sure how long the promotional price is going to be. It may go up to 39 then 49 soon

  • Jemri

    2017-10-27 04:08:39
    Purchased Reply

    hi, how can i install the demo and then edit it to the purpose of my website instead of starting it from scratch? thank you.

  • 27collective

    2017-10-27 04:13:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, First install the theme, activate plugins, setup woocommerce and job manager. Then go to Theme Tools > Import demo. You need to select the home as homepage in Settings > Reading too and do some basic setup in ThemeOptions but that's basically it. We're implementing WP all import next 2-3 days so all this process is done even easier. Kind regards

  • 27collective

    2017-10-27 04:13:49
    Purchased Reply

    If you need help, we can install the demo for you just open a ticket in

  • Cyphr

    2017-10-27 04:03:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, This is a pre-sales query. Can I use woocommerce simple auctions to work along with the listings, since they both seem to use WC. Do let me know. :) Thanks.

  • 27collective

    2017-10-27 04:10:40
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Can't say for sure we have to test it, but if the plugin claims is compatible with both then it should work. Kind regards

  • Mini2010

    2017-10-27 22:32:58
    Purchased Reply

    1. I have just installed the new WP with the recent 1.2.2 theme version and when trying to import demo content I have same issue like (akyabkumar) 2 comments UP.
    2. I have also installed BuddyPress hoping to have horizontal display of the dashboard blocks, still I get in user profile WC style vertical user dashboard, how to get horisontal BP display (like on your demo) ?
    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Mini2010

    2017-10-27 22:47:03
    Purchased Reply

    Update, I reinstalled theme version 1.2.1. Probably in 1.2.2. it misses "WordPress Importer" plugin, so it gives the message that need to install manadatry plugins, ... when clicking on it, there is error page.

  • Mini2010

    2017-10-28 01:11:17
    Purchased Reply

    2. found

  • 27collective

    2017-10-28 07:46:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Coud you send me your site URL and login in arian.27collective[at] I'll upload the demo content Kind regards

  • josemanuel

    2017-10-30 08:11:29
    Purchased Reply

    as i can see on your demo when you disable the loading effects the module on the left jump

  • 27collective

    2017-10-30 08:38:03
    Purchased Reply

    While loading, the default scrollbar is being replaced with the JS one. That's why the loading is there, no need to disable it

  • daniel187

    2017-10-30 00:04:52
    Purchased Reply

    Please: I use the 'my-city' template and How do you create a 'Store' manually? and then how do you make the relationship with 'listing / place'?

  • 27collective

    2017-10-30 05:32:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, First setup woocommerce, then go to homepage, click at user drodpown (the one next to your avatat) and go to MyProducts. Once you create a product there edit your listing, and choose that product as related product Kind regarrds

  • daniel187

    2017-10-30 07:09:38
    Purchased Reply

    I did this and my product did not appear/display. Need to configure '' page = theme-integration-settings ''?

  • 27collective

    2017-10-30 07:35:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes, go to wp-admin > Listing tools > Integrations and enable product vendors If you can't figure it out, could you send an email to arian.27collective[at] with your URL and login info. I'll have a look Kind regards

  • atercervus

    2017-10-28 23:12:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hey guys! What about the WPML compatibility or any other multi lang options?

  • p_27collective

    2017-10-29 00:34:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Loco Translate would work well, as would Polylang, WPML and other popular language plugins. Write us in our helpdesk if you need assistance regarding multi language. Thanks!

  • syncnd

    2017-11-01 21:06:43
    Purchased Reply

    Could you please smoothen the animation for the drawer menu on mobile in the next update? Thanks!

  • p_27collective

    2017-11-02 03:57:07
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Do you mean the main menu?

  • syncnd

    2017-11-02 03:59:37
    Purchased Reply

    Yeah...the main menu on Mobile. Kinda jumps instead of sliding smoothly in and out.

  • 27collective

    2017-11-02 08:47:46
    Purchased Reply

    What mobile device are you experiencing this? Also what browser? Thanks

  • syncnd

    2017-11-02 09:36:44
    Purchased Reply

    Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017), Chrome mobile browser.

  • 27collective

    2017-11-02 09:39:52
    Purchased Reply

    Testing it now

  • 27collective

    2017-11-02 09:47:28
    Purchased Reply

    Just tested in Galaxy S7 and S8 in chrome, can't find the problem. Could you send an email to [email protected] with a picture/video of this Kind regards

  • cistelleseco

    2017-11-04 00:21:57
    Purchased Reply

    How can I hide the web until I have it ready? I'm talking about that can not be accessed by entering the URL, not the search engines. Thanks guys!

  • 27collective

    2017-11-04 00:52:22
    Purchased Reply

    Try this -- >

  • cistelleseco

    2017-11-04 03:50:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Arian, I've written you an email. Can you confirm that you received it? It is [email protected]

  • petargoc

    2017-11-08 23:59:48
    Purchased Reply

    I have 2 questions: 1. Can I add location search bar instead of "What are you looking for" bar? 2. Are there any payed plugins needed to get full funcionality presented od demo? Thanks.

  • 27collective

    2017-11-09 00:43:53
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, - Form labels can be changed as you wish - The only paid plugin we use we bought developer license and included with the theme so you don't need to buy Kind regards

  • Heathcliffe

    2017-11-11 03:37:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I don't want to build a City guide. I need a worldwide directory. Like other themes (I won't mention the names), they have the Locations Extension. Do you have the ability to geolocate the user, and/or let them type any city in the world and have the search automatically preempt / guess / show relevant locations as they type?

  • 27collective

    2017-11-11 04:42:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes, you can test that in our explore page. You need to enable HTTPS in your site before you can use geolocation Kind regards

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