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NeXon – Multi-Purpose Creative Template

Two Different Template Design Versions – NeXon – Multi-Purpose Creative Template. NeXon is a modern and clean Adobe Muse template designed for Corporate, Creative, Agency or Multipurpose. Its a Multi-Page Design Version. To edit this template with Adobe Muse is very easy! You can change colors, texts or replace the images in a few minutes. Desktop Tablet and Mobile version are included!

Main Features:

  • Two Different Template Design Versions
  • 2x Desktop, Tablet and Mobile
  • Multi Page Template Design
  • Parallax Scrolling
  • Muse 7.0 file and HTML
  • Compatible with Adobe Muse 7.0 and above
  • Lightbox
  • Contact Form
  • Over 100 Typekit Webfonts
  • Easy to Editable
  • Easy to change Color and Text
  • Drag and drop your Content
  • People Image change with Placeholder
  • Preview Images are Included (+ Link for download and license)


If you have questions or need help please contact us via Email.


v.2.0 – 30 May 14

  • - Second Template Version (desktop, tablet, mobile) Included
  • - Preview Images Included! Not People (team) Images!
  • drupalet

    2014-05-22 11:01:01
    Purchased Reply

    Good luck :)

  • MuseFrame

    2014-05-23 04:36:26
    Purchased Reply

    thanks, drupalet

  • theme89

    2014-05-22 10:54:06
    Purchased Reply

    Very fresh and modern. Good luck :)

  • MuseFrame

    2014-05-23 04:36:04
    Purchased Reply

    thanks, themetan

  • mitar_marinovic

    2015-02-25 23:15:49
    Purchased Reply

    I have a problem with Nexon theme. When exported as html everything scrolls ok (MacBook Pro, Muse version 2014.0.0) until some of the menu buttons are pressed. Once pressed the page segment scrolls up and gets stuck in that position. Any suggestions?

  • MuseFrame

    2015-02-26 09:49:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, select the button and go to > scrollable effect > select "motion" and set all to "0" now the button stays in the position. If you set the first "0" to "1" the button moves up! regards, mf

  • mitar_marinovic

    2015-02-27 01:51:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, thanks on the reply but it's not the issue. For example - if you browse through the page by scrolling - everything is ok. But if you click on certain menu item - about, services etc., the site gets stuck on that page. Hope this clarifies the bug.

  • MuseFrame

    2015-02-27 08:06:16
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, do you mean when you click on a menu item does not scroll the page then? Have you a link to a demo were i can see it? regards

  • mitar_marinovic

    2015-02-27 08:37:31
    Purchased Reply

    Yup. The section of the page that is anchored to the specific link within the menu gets stuck. Don't have it online yet, just figuring out how to solve it... Thanks!

  • MuseFrame

    2015-02-27 08:57:27
    Purchased Reply

    when you select the menu item is the anchor set to the menu item! You can see it in the top of adobe muse! When not you must set it to the menu item. Or you delete the anchors! Do you see the anchors an the Layout? When not you must set new. Here is a good tutorial: Hope this can help you. regards, mf