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Parallax Freeze Frame

Create a colorful freeze frame of Your video, with parallax effect! Quickly and effortlessly!
To create a parallax-effect, You need to cut the foreground object, but do not worry – it takes just a couple of minutes. But if you do not want to waste time, it is possible to use the freeze-frame without parallax – just drag and drop your footage in Mediaholder. Watch in FullHD


  • Requires After FX CS5.5 and more
  • No third-party plug-ins
  • Duration: 1:00
  • Resolution FullHD (1920×1080)
  • 10 scenes
  • Fast render
  • Used fonts: Qlassik, Ostrich Sans Heavy
  • Music (not included): We Are Taking Over by HallaFreakquency
  • Video used in preview (Creative Commons license): Links

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  • Fixik

    2015-12-22 21:58:27
    Purchased Reply

    Nicely done!

  • videolancer

    2015-12-30 18:48:13
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks all for your kind comments!

  • HallaFreakquency

    2015-12-31 20:44:53
    Purchased Reply

    Great work! Also, thank you for using our music. We linked back to your item in the song´s description.

  • PierLav

    2016-01-22 02:36:37
    Purchased Reply

    Very nice but I have only CS5

  • videolancer

    2016-01-22 02:58:13
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you! At the moment, the project does not work in CS5, but if you buy it, I can remake it in CS5 during the day. Differences with other versions of After Effects will not be. I just need to alter Expression Control.

  • PierLav

    2016-01-22 03:19:52
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you but I am not ready to buy it today because I am not doing a lot of video. I putted it in my wishes to buy to remember it and I wait for the opportunity before buying it

  • videolancer

    2016-01-22 03:21:41
    Purchased Reply

    OK. Thank you. I am in any case to make a version for CS5 spare time.

  • Wayman

    2015-12-23 02:40:28
    Purchased Reply

    Awesom! Very cool titles!

  • moveNshake

    2015-12-23 11:29:46
    Purchased Reply

    well done videolancer!

  • Oozman

    2016-03-06 11:36:06
    Purchased Reply

    how can i change the color of the "Stroke Alpha 01"? Thanks

  • videolancer

    2016-03-06 18:27:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! This layer has no color, it creates a transparency for the video transition between two Scenes, in the composition "_MAIN COMP" . If you turn on Transparency Grid, you will understand what I'm talking

  • ZeroLink

    2015-12-24 00:45:09
    Purchased Reply

    Now that's some mighty fine work

  • wezhira12

    2016-02-02 03:11:27
    Purchased Reply

    I am using CC2015 when put footage in I cannot see it I can only hear audio.

  • videolancer

    2016-02-02 03:33:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! Thank you for your purchase! I tested this project CC2015 and there were no problems. . Maybe your After Effects does not support the video codec. If possible, please send me your video to my email [email protected] I check on my computer.

  • MaxRazumov

    2016-01-22 01:40:07
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work!

  • mo4graphics

    2015-12-22 23:32:54
    Purchased Reply

    good job! =)

  • SayFaraday

    2015-12-22 20:45:57
    Purchased Reply

    Cool idea! Realy good work=)

  • DadaKraeuter

    2015-12-25 08:47:11
    Purchased Reply

    Wow Nice IDEA!! :D Like it (y)

  • EasyEdit

    2015-12-25 04:41:23
    Purchased Reply

    Nice idea! ;)

  • Paruchev

    2015-12-22 20:20:51
    Purchased Reply

    very cool project :)

  • Artem200800

    2015-12-23 20:03:40
    Purchased Reply

    cool! )