Landing Page Details

Let’s start with the meaning of SERP. It stands for ‘Search Engine Result Pages’. They are the pages in Google in which results are displayed for your online search queries.

On Google, these pages display a combination of paid adverts and organic results.

SERP involves a combination of on-page optimization, constant/periodic content creation and authority building through trustworthy back-links.

Having good SERP positions is crucial to ensure your website is found easily for the right searches.

This is why our improved SERP Module comes with a lot of New Features!

Premium SEO Pack’s powerful SERP Rank Tracking Module retrieves search engine Rankings for pages and keywords, and stores them for easy comparison later.

It’s so easy to add keywords to the tracking module, simply select them from your focus keywords or add them manually! Also, you can track up to 5 competitors!

Also, we have another module added, it’s Website Statistics! You can compare your website evolution between 2 dates, and choose to include competitors as well (or not).

The first stat is your Website Score for the Keywords entered for a certain search engine (let’s say and it’s based on an algorithm that finds your website pages and keywords that are in top 100.

Next is the keywords rankings summary – this one shows if on your website, your ranking moved up or down and if your keywords are in top 1,3,5,10,30,50 or 100.

The last stats are for the keywords, too see their evolution, when they were last checked, and each keyword’s position on google searches.

Last but not the least is the Report Module. There are 2 types of reports. One for Website Stats and one for Keyword Rank Changes.

Both reports can be viewed in the admin area, downloaded as PDF’s or sent by e-mail.

In Version 2.3 of Premium SEO Pack we’ve dramatically improved the Google Analytics Module & the Pagespeed Insights as well.

Starting from the interface design, to the functionality - we’ve also added Easy Setup for both of them!

The Google Analytics module how has an easy setup wizard, where you simply connect your analytics account with Premium SEO Pack plugin. There’s no longer mandatory to create your own application on google console & all the fuss.

The Pagespeed Module also comes with a working key now, you can use it straight away!

The NEW Google Analytics Interface

Using the new Google Analytics Interface, you will see real time statistics and how your website is performing right now.

Audience Chart

Here you can see a graph consisting of:
  • Page Views
  • New Visits
  • Unique Page Views
  • Visit Bounce Rate
You can also filter the date from when to display the infos.

Top Channels – The Top Channel Pie Chart will show you the traffic that comes to your website trough certain channels.

  • Referral
  • Organic Search
  • Direct
  • Social
  • Email
  • Affiliates
Top Pages / Posts Here you can filter to show Page or Page title, and for each page to see how many hits it had and:
  • Pageviews
  • Unique Pageviews
  • Avg. Time on Page
  • Entrances
  • Bounce Rate
  • % Exit
  • Page Value
TOP Referral Traffic On the top referral traffic you can see exactly from where the traffic came from. You also have a world map where you can check out your top locations traffic sources.

One of Premium SEO Pack’s Newest features is the possibility to add multiple focus keywords on your post in order to better optimize it!

When searching google people usually use as keywords words that are slightly similar or synonyms. If you want to rank a post for multiple focus keywords, now you have this possibility using the Premium SEO Pack.

It’s now super easy to add multiple focus keywords and optimize your text. You can add a maximum of 10 different focus keywords.

Tips On Targeting Multiple Focus Keywords

  • Secondary keywords must be researched (just like your primary)
  • Secondary keywords must have same search intent as the primary keyword
  • Craft your headline, SEO title, meta description to read well and include keywords
We’ve added the score / focus keyword & meta title in the posts list and in the wordpress publish meta box, so you can easily see the score and the keywords.

Minify / Cache Js & Css Files

Using our newest module called Minify you can easily optimize your website performance & frontend load time.

How does it work?

  • Easily Minify CSS & JS files on a single button click.
  • Cache files
  • Download remote files – enable this option if you have your server under htaccess password protection
  • Exclude files option – if you wish to exclude js / css files, you can easily do so (header styles, header scripts, footer scripts)

Premium SEO Pack for WordPress

Most WordPress features work pretty well out of the box, and that is probably why it is the most popular content management system on the planet.

However, site owners usually need to work with WordPress to optimize their site for speed and search engine optimization.

The Premium SEO Pack for WordPress is the ultimate tool for optimizing your website for today’s search engines. Premium SEO Pack contains all the features that you would expect to find in dozens of different WordPress plugins, plus it includes unique features that you just cannot find anywhere else.


  • Works as plugin on any Wordpress Install (3.8+)
  • Based on modules manager, you must activate the modules in order to work



  • Google Analitycs- This tool even provides a user-friendly dashboard that helps you monitor the important aspects of your site’s performance from inside your WordPress Admin area.
  • 404 Monitor – you can see what URLs are referring visitors to 404 pages, how many hits it had and redirect them to another page
  • Serp Tracking – SERP Tracking – Search Engine Results Page Reporter – Compare. Keep an eye on your competitors!
  • Google Pagespeed Insights Module – Google Pagespeed Insights Module measures the performance of a page for desktop devices and mobile devices. You can test the page speed on multiple pages as once, mass test speed pages, or one by one and view the score on desktop & mobile, and view a full report.


  • Mass Optimization – using this premium feature you can mass optimize all your posts/pages at once!
  • Local SEO – Using our newest Local Seo Module you can now rank your website locally and on google maps in no time! Be found by local customers using our LOCAL SEO Module!
  • On page optimization – optimize your pages / post types one by one, right on the post/page! It also works on categories and any other custom taxonomies
  • Title & Meta Format – set custom page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords, meta robots and social meta using defined format tags for Homepage, Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, Custom Taxonomies, Archives, Authors, Search, 404 Pages and Pagination.
  • Sitemap – the sitemap is generated automatically trough our module
  • Video Sitemap – the sitemap is generated automatically trough the video sitemap
  • SEO Slug Optimizer- Slug Optimizer removes common words from the slug of a post or page
  • SEO Friendly Images – automatically update all images with proper ALT and Title Attributes
  • Google Authorship – Make your content feel personal! Link your content to your Google+ profile!


  • Backlink Builder – automatically add your link to thousands of different website directories that will automatically provide free backlinks
  • Link Builder – improve your site internal link building.
  • 301 Link Redirect – useful for any permalink changes
  • Social Stats - keep track of your social network size


  • Files Edit - allows you to edit the robots.txt and .htaccess files.
  • W3C Validator - Mass Check the markup (HTML, XHTML, …) of your pages/posts/custom taxonomies.
  • SEO Insert Code - Add custom code into < head > and wp_footer
  • Media Smushit -For this module we use the API, that allows you to optimize the website images without changing their look or visual quality.
  • Facebook Planner - The Facebook Planner module allows you to publish your website data directly to Facebook profiles / pages / groups
  • Twitter Cards


  • Modules Manager – allows you to activate / deactivate modules
  • Capabilities - allows you to give certain permissions to different classes of users
  • Setup/Backup – install default configuration, import SEO settings from other seo plugins, backup current settings
  • Server Status – the server status allows you to see what modules are active, if they are configured correct and so on
  • Remote support – this allows you to give us secured access to your wordpress install, in case that you have issues with the plugin


AA-Team does not permit, under any circumstances, the reselling of any of our plugins / themes outside the Envato Marketplace.

The Extended License does not allow you to resell / redistribute the plugin without written permission from AA-Team.

If you’re an Envato Author and wish to include our plugins into your themes, please contact us.

You can read more about licenses here and here.


Version 1.8.0
Added new module - Minify / Cache JS / CSS files

Version 1.7.5

FIX - Trimmed the whitespaces on all authorization input fields for Google analytics, pagespeed, serp and facebook settings
Removed posts that are password protected from sitemap.xml
Removed "include images" option from the index sitemap (use sitemap-images.xml file for posts images)
New sitemap.xml index file ( )
Add "items per page" (max limit for splitting posttypes: post, page, custom post-type), "enable stylesheet .xsl", "last modify is gmt" options (added to general tab)
Add "memory limit", "execution time limit", "compress" options (execution variables tab)
Fixes to sitemap-images.xml file (verify post attachments from database table wp_posts, guid field, are image files)
"Standard content" and "custom taxonomies" added to include tab beside already existing "custom post types" 
Add 2 excluding options ("exclude categories", "exclude post types by id field")
Add "author roles", "archive type" options
"Priority", "frequency" add to formatting tab and changes made to relate the above updates

Version 1.7.1, 1.7.2, 1.7.3, 1.7.4

Version 1.7

Added new Google Authorship module
Bugfixes on speed

Version 1.6

Added new Social Sharing module
Added new Server Status module
Twitter Cards module (bug fix)
Backlink Builder module (import url list from aa-team server, bug fix for recognizing urls as spyware/virus address)
Log latest authorize responses (for Google Analytics, Facebook Planner, Google Pagespeed, Serp Tracking modules)
Improvements to plugin resources usage (load only the necessary plugin modules per admin page and frontend)
Minimized plugin framework css files
New improved plugin interface

Version 1.5.3 
Added Twitter Cards support

Version 1.5.1 
Fix for permissions issue.

Version 1.5
Title & meta format module (bugs fix & force title tag rewrite method)
Add remote support module
Add multisite support
Pagespeed module (bug fix)
Facebook Planner module (bug fix - featured image send to wall)
Mass optimization module (SEO Score fix words count bug & add auto complete fields button)
Add capabilities support

Version 1.4
Added new module - Video Sitemap
Added new module - Facebook Planner

Version 1.3
Added new module - Media Smushit
Added new module - Rich Snippets
Full Utf8 Support

Version 1.2
Added new module - LOCAL SEO
Added new module - Page Speed Insights

Bugfix on edit post - special characters on focus keyword

Version 1.1.2

Compatible with WPML
On_page_optimization bugfix - warning
Seo rules into shortcodes too (images that come from shortcodes)
Title_meta_format bugfix - warning
Seo Focus keyword - special characters available
"More" Tag fixed

Version 1.1.1


Version 1.1

Added New Module - SERP Tracking!
Bugfixes on Seo Friendly Images
Added new feature - the possibility to import SEO Settings from other popular SEO Plugins

Version 1.0

Initial Release
  • KiwiDevs

    2017-10-21 02:48:37
    Purchased Reply

    You guys need to create a new video how to setup the Facebook planner since I tried everything it doesn't work.

  • KiwiDevs

    2017-10-21 02:49:06
    Purchased Reply

    old video tried every steps it didn't work.

  • TechRanker

    2017-08-06 09:36:12
    Purchased Reply

    Presales question. 1. Can I use this with another SEO plug in by turning off all the modules except for the few that I want to use? 2. Do you know if video sitemap requires PHP7? I could use that while I wait for the PHP 7 update.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-07 20:55:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi TechRanker,
    It depends on what does that other plugin do. You can know if you test and see if it's working for you. Best regards

  • Nosoynoob

    2017-08-09 01:31:29
    Purchased Reply

    ¿The Google Analytics Module appears in the WP Dashboard?

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-09 21:46:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Nosoynoob,
    It's only showing in the PSP Dashboard. Best regards

  • anabader

    2017-08-15 23:23:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I am facing one problem with my website after installing google analytics module. It looks like the plugin is conflicting with my theme. How can I reset the plugin to its normal settings? I have tried to disable, delete and re-install the plugin but its not getting rest.

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-08-16 19:30:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Anabader, You have Avada Theme? Best regards, Liviu

  • star09

    2017-09-06 19:43:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi SEO Option are not visible to Shop Manger and Editor, How to Activate for them. Kindly guide Thanks

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-09-07 00:49:09
    Purchased Reply

    Hi star09,
    What Shop Manager and Editor? Could you give us more details. The Page - SEO Settings will appear on pages and posts only. Best regards

  • star09

    2017-09-07 16:48:42
    Purchased Reply

    WordPress has some roles like Admin Editor Author, My SEO Setting on Page Post & Products are not visible to Editors, it is only visible to Admin. kindly guide how to make it visible for Editor as well. Thanks

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-09-08 00:55:54
    Purchased Reply

    You have a module (Capabilities module) in the plugin that allows you to assign what is visible to what kind of user. Best regards

  • amiratme

    2017-09-20 22:09:06
    Purchased Reply

    I updated my plugin last week and since I did, I cannot see the SEO section on page level where you add the meta data etc.. I can see DASHBOARD.. META.. PAGE STATUS etc.. in red but it's empty under them and when I press any of them nothing appears. This obviously seems to be a problem with the plugin because everything worked perfectly before updating. Now I have to pay almost the price of the plugin for support when it's a problem in the plugin and not me? sounds ridiculous to me!!

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-09-21 21:57:03
    Purchased Reply

    Have you updated anything else besides the plugin that day? Make sure you don't have any JavaScript conflicts. Best regards

  • Scorpyons

    2017-09-29 23:26:47
    Purchased Reply

    Pre Order question: Does Your plugin supports Google AMP? If not, are you planning to do so? Regards,

  • jamesalandyer

    2017-07-04 08:51:01
    Purchased Reply

    In your knowledge base you posted about Swift Security, is there the same work-around for Hide My WP?

  • AA-Team_Support

    2017-07-07 22:05:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi jamesalandyer,
    We have not tested with Hide My WP. You could open a ticket and we can take a look. Best regards

  • cleverdoor

    2013-11-18 05:48:16
    Purchased Reply

    allow multisite ? Sincerely,

  • AA-Team

    2013-11-18 21:09:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Yes, it does. Regards, Alexandra I.

  • dantatic

    2013-11-22 03:40:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, I'm a little bit confused about extended license terms and conditions of this plugin. Your reply to rizve66 question regarding the use of this plugin on multiple domains was: "Regular license – 1 domain Extended license – multiple domains". I own several domains planning to optimize / launch (not many - about 5-6, at most 7) and, considering your statement, buying the extended license would allow this plugin installation on each of them. Though codecanyon statement regarding extended license is: "Use in multiple end products (or multi-domain): NOT PERMITTED", the only thing permitted for extended license being "Use in an end product that's sold". So my question is: if I buy Extended license for this plugin, may I use (or may I not) this plugin on multiple domains (let's say 6) on my server? Regards, Dan Tatic

  • AA-Team

    2013-11-22 04:20:37
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Yes, the rules to licenses are very complicated, but mainly they protect us from people who want to resell our products. The example you gave is if you want to buy the plugin, create a "end product" with it, and resell it elsewhere. For codecanyon items specially, there are no specific rules on extended licenses, on how many domains to install it. Ex: Do I need to buy a new license each time I create a landing page within my site using a landing page template? As long as it's all on the same domain, a single license is fine. And : Can I use an email template for all my newsletters or do I need to buy a license for each one? Just like a series (see the [single application FAQs](#faq-section-single-application)), newsletters must be connected, and be released within 1 year of the first installment. There is also a maximum of 52 newsletters released per license. They define what you want as "developer license" ( - see the table), which is not available. Anyway, we as authors allow the use of an extended license on multiple domains (a maximum of 10 - 15 max, we keep track on how many times it was used, and if it's used excessively as final step we block it) Let me know if there's anything else. Regards, Alexandra I.

  • dantatic

    2013-11-22 04:46:40
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks Alexandra for your prompt answer - in this case, I'm really considering buying extended license in order to use your plugin for all my websites. Appreciate your work and your feedback! Regards, Dan T.

  • menkom

    2013-11-28 09:17:30
    Purchased Reply

    Pre sales question, this looks like a really good full featured plugin pack. I currently use Easy WP SEO, which has been good, but suffers from a lack of updates and does not work well with Woocommerce, however it does have nice features like. - LSI readability - Copyscape Integration Does your plugin have these or will it have these ? Also compared to Yoast SEO how is yours ? do they both play well together ? i can see some features cross over ? Thanks.

  • AA-Team

    2013-11-28 20:09:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Sorry the plugin does not have that option, but we'll look into it and maybe we'll add it in a future update. Our plugin has a feature that lets you import all settings from other seo plugins, or if you don't wish to do that, you can simply deactivate the modules from the plugin that do the same thing. Regards, Alexandra I.

  • jedi007

    2013-11-30 12:48:27
    Purchased Reply

    Infection: PHP:Agent-MN [Trj] My anti virus says your files are harmful.

  • AA-Team

    2013-11-30 17:55:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, What antivirus are you using? Some antiviruses don’t recongize some custom php code and behaves in that way. We can guarantee that there’s no trojan inside the package. Just in case, in the next update we’ll write the code different. Regards, Alexandra I.

  • jedi007

    2013-12-01 08:52:12
    Purchased Reply

    Avast. When will you update the code? I do not feel comfortable downloading it this way. Best Regards,

  • DimaP

    2013-12-13 15:23:59
    Purchased Reply

    Still no 1.4? Expecting so much!

  • saske505

    2013-12-13 12:02:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hey I just purchased and it won't activate, I already opened a ticket.

  • saske505

    2013-12-13 23:39:42
    Purchased Reply

    So everyone gets a comment back but me? Hmmm not so awesome, I really want to start using the plugin, you know, since I paid for it.

  • AA-Team

    2013-12-13 23:46:09
    Purchased Reply

    Support response time is up to 5-7 working days, please be patient and check your ticket. Regards, Alexandra I.

  • BitBuster

    2013-12-17 01:45:50
    Purchased Reply

    Your Plugin dont work with Theme PowerMag (Visual Composer), and dont work with Nextgen Gallery and Nextgen Gallery Pro! Fully incompatible with a Lot of PlugIns. Buddypress Settings dont save ... I want my Money back!

  • jedi007

    2013-12-21 10:31:17
    Purchased Reply

    I can not made the ga work and also the sites speed test does not work. It just keeps going and going.

  • click-here

    2013-12-25 12:40:05
    Purchased Reply

    Nice plugin. Works really well. Only one problem. If I have the plugin off, my bounce rate in Google Analytics is around 50%. When I turn the plugin on, the bounce rate drops to 0% or 1%. then back to 50% when I turn it off again. I think there maybe something in this plugin that's disrupting the Google Analytics cookie.

  • MarcSperling

    2014-07-29 01:40:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, i get following information of the plugin -> server status: WP Memory Limit: 40 MB - We recommend setting memory to at least 128MB. See: Increasing memory allocated to PHP The Plugin memory overview and my hoster told me: WP Memory Limit: 128 MB Max Memory Limit: 256 MB Can I ignore this message, or what I have to do? king regards

  • AA-Team

    2014-07-29 18:21:24
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, As long as the import process works fine, you can ignore that message. If when importing products it gets stuck on loading, then you will need to increase the limit. Also make sure you don't have it setup manually from wp-config.php or somewhere else. Regards, Alexandra I.

  • 360Dijital

    2014-07-23 12:24:54
    Purchased Reply

    iam afraid to switch from yoast to Premium SEO, can a switch have bad effect on my seo results??

  • AA-Team

    2014-07-23 18:02:10
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, We have a tool that imports seo settings from Yoast, so it won't affect any on your seo results. Regards, Alexandra I.

  • DeleGnT

    2014-07-18 13:20:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi . I buy this plugins and i want to know if i can use the activation code to all my sites for personal usage only . I will not sell it or give it to any one . I use free plugins and i want to use premium for all my sites : e.x : and all my other wp sites .

  • AA-Team

    2014-07-18 15:07:15
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, The regular license can be used only for one domain. If you purchase extended license you can install on multiple domains. Regards, Alexandra I.

  • DeleGnT

    2014-07-20 02:19:27
    Purchased Reply

    I can't use it in one site only because i have 5 sites , i want to cancel the purchase please .

  • AA-Team

    2014-07-20 04:56:34
    Purchased Reply

    Please contact envato about this, we don't deal with refunds. Regards, Alexandra I.