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Sleazy is a Magento Theme which is supported by SEO standard of electronics major. Furthermore, we also have professional SEO staff who are willing to help you 24/24. Moreover, Fully Responsive design makes Sleazy to be compatible with all of mobile devices. Sleazy Magento Theme is developed basing on AMZ – Freamwork with its flexible and smart design. All of controllings is adopted our AMZ- Freamwork. You won’t have to spend a lot of time or need to many techniques to adjust it. Everything is customized easily. 3 main designs are Green Store, Red Store and Violet Store will give you more choice for your store

Compatibility with Magento: Community edition 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x .

The Customer Review

We will review some salient functions that Sleazy bings to you through the followings:

  • SEO Support, support by SEO Specialist of NCT Corp, Global Rank 2k on Alexa
  • Fully Responsive design, adaptive screen solutions: 1200px, 992px, and lower than 768px.
  • Powerful theme settings – AMZ Theme Framework lets you change colors, font and other styling flexibility.
  • Smart Mega-Menu, build your multiple column menu never been easier.
  • Ajax Layered Navigation, Filter products easier and faster. worth $79, included for free
  • Included Bestseller Products Extension worth $49, included for free.
  • Included OnSlaes Products Extension worth $49, included for free.
  • Included Featured Products Extension worth $49, included for free.
  • Included Mostviewed Products Extension worth $49, included for free.
  • Included Latest Products Extension worth $49, included for free.
  • Included Newsletter Pop-up Extension worth $49, included for free.
  • Included Revolution, Sequence and Fraction Slider worth $49, included for free.
  • Included Moo-Cloudzoom Product Image Zoom extension.
  • Customize number of products display per row freely.
  • Dozones features included in this Magento theme
  • Fully Support 24/7. At [email protected]

Quick Review Features on our Channel

Documentation for this Magento Themes

Detailed instruction to help you install the theme on your store or install build a full demo site like our demo store. Detailed instruction for using our extensions, widget, theme settings. For developer, it guides you to develop a custom style extended from the original style without modifying the original source code.

SEO Support & Community Support & Customer Support

Our support team guarantees to respond you within 24 working hours.

Our working hour is from 8:00AM to 5:00PM GMT+8 Monday to Friday.

NOTE: The Images in the live preview will not be part of the design/theme meant for sale.


16th Nov 2014 – Version 1.2
- Fixed issue on toolbar related to switch Grid/List product type on product listing.
- Fixed issue require Captcha on Blog post detail.
4th Nov 2014 – Version 2.0
- Update All images file in main package.
- Fixed submit review box.
9th Jan 2015 – Version 2.2
- Update Layout of Testimonial and Brand sections.
- missing .xml file for megamenu
- update model of Megamenu extension

Sources and Credits

I’ve used the following Javascripts below

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Revolution Slider
  • jQuery Easing
  • jQuery UI
  • Bootstrap
  • Color Picker
  • Classie
  • Cloud Zoom
  • Isotope
  • WOW
  • mlpushmenu
  • Modernizr
  • OwlCarousel
  • Script Aculo
  • Respond

  • -Steam-

    2014-11-06 21:21:16
    Purchased Reply

    Welcome to themeforest, Great start as a new author. I'm sure you will make high profit. Good luck.

  • amzthemesuk

    2014-11-06 21:27:26
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks bro, Hope That :)

  • paladijn

    2014-12-30 00:29:28
    Purchased Reply

    It's not only a wonderfull template. The support is also wonderfull. I've never seen a better and quicker response. I can recommend this theme to everyone.

  • alternativo46

    2015-12-15 22:28:47
    Purchased Reply

    The template is nice but ATTENTION !!! the MegaMenu is unable lists subcategories, you have to enter them all one by one! It is the only MegaMenu in the market thatl not let you list subs. I think they should warn about this important shortcoming. When I contacted the support to help me with this issue they have asked me $ 70 to add this functionality !!! Furthermore, although the Magento biult-in menu can be activated, this is not integrated into the design and is very ugly. I feel I wasted my money on this template, I'll have to find another that has a more logical menu system. A shame because I really like the template and "seemed" good support

  • fieldthemes

    2014-11-06 12:22:02
    Purchased Reply

    Creative theme! GLWS! :-)

  • amzthemesuk

    2014-11-06 13:16:30
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks u so much :)

  • lechung1108

    2014-12-14 00:37:47
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome Theme, I'll buy this theme when start my store :)

  • yoeladam

    2015-04-14 19:55:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hello, Is the theme compatible with Swatches feature, introduced in Magento Community Edition 1.9.1? Will the theme be updated to the new version of Magento 2 late this year?

  • amzthemesuk

    2015-04-16 19:49:36
    Purchased Reply

    Yes bro, This theme compatible with Swatches feature in Magento CE 1.9.1 - and will be update to new version for Magento 2 soon

  • gfxguru

    2015-12-18 14:15:38
    Purchased Reply

    I can't get a page to load in the demo

  • amzthemesuk

    2015-12-21 01:44:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! maybe because our server too slow. We're geting new server. You can try use this link for view demo:

  • gfxguru

    2016-12-18 05:03:22
    Purchased Reply

    it's a dead link

  • datacom

    2015-01-08 22:05:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi :) is possible psd file? thank you

  • amzthemesuk

    2015-01-08 22:18:57
    Purchased Reply

    yes, datacom .psd file included in this item :)

  • AirTheme

    2014-11-07 01:32:14
    Purchased Reply

    Great work! Congrats! :

  • amzthemesuk

    2014-11-07 01:59:17
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks you

  • screamingfingers

    2014-11-25 04:33:42
    Purchased Reply

    Excellent template and excellent support! I would purchase from this developer again.

  • joomlastars

    2014-11-06 18:21:55
    Purchased Reply

    Great work done. Congrats and GLWS :)

  • amzthemesuk

    2014-11-06 19:53:59
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks mate

  • Xemrind

    2014-11-07 01:34:00
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work, GLWS! :)

  • amzthemesuk

    2014-11-07 01:59:26
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you, Lakose

  • facedevil

    2014-11-06 14:46:46
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome work! GLWS!

  • amzthemesuk

    2014-11-06 14:48:51
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks bro :)

  • tvlgiao

    2014-11-10 18:51:21
    Purchased Reply

    congrats my friend :)

  • amzthemesuk

    2014-11-10 22:10:15
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks Bro :)

  • Stewan_io

    2017-01-17 17:23:45
    Purchased Reply

    good job!