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Shard – Professional Design Concept


Shard is a new take, new direction at web design. Breaking boundaries, quite literally, with it’s offseting shapes end elements, truly makes it stand out as one of a kind.
Shard is designed upon 1170px Grid System – a feature that really comes out shining in todays HD screens arms race. Each shape, image or icon is appropriately named and organized in layers!

Files Included

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Home Startup
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About Us
Project Planner
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Home Startup Blue
Home Startup Lime Green
Home Startup Maroon
Shard Color Swatches


IcoMoon icons –
Lato font –


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  • ThemeREX

    2014-03-20 23:29:24
    Purchased Reply

    Good job! GLWS!

  • ColorByt

    2014-03-20 23:39:23
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you!

  • Pixelaar

    2014-03-21 20:38:47
    Purchased Reply

    Wonderful theme!GLWS :)

  • Brainart

    2014-03-21 09:31:45
    Purchased Reply

    Awesome Design :D I like it that's why I wish you good luck WS

  • ab-themes

    2014-03-20 20:14:18
    Purchased Reply

    One of a nicest what I've seen :) Good luck!

  • ColorByt

    2014-03-20 20:20:06
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you. Much appreciated!

  • AirTheme

    2014-03-20 20:45:50
    Purchased Reply

    Nice work!! Good luck! :)

  • ColorByt

    2014-03-20 23:38:53
    Purchased Reply


  • brandmobile

    2014-04-16 14:22:39
    Purchased Reply

    can you tell me where you got the iPhone in hand image please? Thanks!

  • brandmobile

    2014-04-23 05:17:59
    Purchased Reply


  • ColorByt

    2014-05-01 09:38:13
    Purchased Reply

    Oh! I'm terribly sorry for leaving you hanging for this long. I've been very busy lately, haven't even paid any attention to my envato account. It's usually very silent in here :) In case you haven't found it by now here it is: Have fun with it, thank you for purchasing and once again, sorry.

  • pixel-industry

    2014-03-21 04:43:14
    Purchased Reply

    Beautiful work ColorByt, best of luck :)

  • ColorByt

    2014-03-21 06:30:28
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you