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Slavlee Cookie Control is a extension that shows an alert to ask the user to accept or decline your cookie policy.

This extension helps your TYPO3 website to comply the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR or DSGVO). You can access the decision of the user via TypoScript or PHP – wise in your own extension.
So, you can react on it like loading tracking tools, only when the user accepted your cookie policy.

Slavlee Cookie Control also supports a simple mode, where the user get only an information about the usage of cookies with a link to your privacy page

The cookie text is changeable via TypoScript.


  • Typo3 7.6.x – Typo3 8.7.x
  • PHP 7
  • MySQL 5

Latest Updates

  • [Bugfix] Cookie deletion and URL disabling will be skipped, when there is no TypoScript settings
  • [Bugfix] Fixed wrong path to popper.js
  • [Bugfix] Throwing Error in CategoriesViewHelper, when using Cookie Control Preversion and update to 1.3.6
  • PreScriptZ

    2018-05-17 09:35:37
    Purchased Reply

    Congratulations for excellent work and sales! :)

  • ManasaTheme

    2018-05-17 13:39:25
    Purchased Reply

    Nice Work, Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

  • fkazemi5236

    2018-05-18 19:45:50
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. I hope your products on the Envato , will be a great success :)

  • RCPmedia

    2018-05-17 18:36:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, finally someone publish a GDPR solution for non wordpress websites, I have all websites in PHP and HTML, but sorry to inform you that is not a GDPR solution, the banner must show different selection to inform user about cookies used on website like functional cookies, marketing cookis, analytics cookies and moore, the cookie setting must have a recall to these selectors to change settings, only functional cookie can be activated on website access, other cookies must be deactivated until selection of single settings.

  • slavlee

    2018-06-06 05:03:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hi RCPmedia, thank you for your response. I've just released a new version of my Cookie Control plugin. There you can create categories and set cookies and domains that shall be blocked, if the user dont agree for those categories. I guess, that is what you are looking for.

  • xgenious

    2018-05-18 20:36:49
    Purchased Reply

    congrats Nice Work, Good Luck With Sales :)

  • TmdStudio

    2018-05-17 14:49:08
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    Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)