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Team Showcase for Visual Composer is the best well made and up to date Plugin built to create unlimited Teams with special design and multiple options.

Team’s Features

  • Fully Visual Composer Compatible
  • 15 Predefined Responsive Themes
  • Grid Showcase
  • Slider Showcase (multiple features)
  • Filter Showcase
  • Inside Visitor Page
  • Modal Popup
  • SlideIn Popup
  • Custom Link for each Member
  • Author Latest Post related
  • Fully Responsive&Retina Ready
  • Special Colors
  • Multi-Language
  • Skill Bars – dynamic loading
  • Social Icons
  • Multi-Groups
  • Multiple Ordering
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • CSS3 Effects
  • Animation In/Out Slider
  • Widget Ready
  • Multiple Slider Pagination Themes
  • and many others features…

WordPress Team Plugin

This item is an AddOn for Visual Composer: Page Builder

Be sure that you have installed the most powerful Page Builder built especially for WordPress Platform

Team Showcase for Visual Composer

Team Showcase for Visual Composer is the perfect WordPress plugin build to display and manage your team and clients as a responsive grid or as a dynamic slider. You have multiple special themes and effects that will help you to show your team in so many different ways.

You can manage your members by grouping into separate teams. With Team Showcase – Visual Composer Plugin for WordPress you can display your team without any line of code. All you need to do is to selecti your desired options to display, pick a favorite theme and select a predefined color. Choosing the right color scheme for your team section of your website was never easier.

WordPress Team Plugin – 15 Special Themes

We have built different responsive themes ready to display your team on any resolution and device. The themes are mobile ready and can be changed very easy. More templates will be released in the future.

You can suggest a theme and we will take care of your wish.

WordPress Team Plugin – 10 Color Schemes

We have set 10 Color Schemes that are both edgy and appealing. Try them all. Use the one you like best and fit for your team.

WordPress Team Plugin – 10 Display Options

Pick individual fields for each team group. You can display and activate the Full Name, the Social Media, Skills and the Personal Information. You can add description on each member’s team including a custom content.

Slider Showcase

You have 10 features to build your desired team slider. All the options are very easy to change and user friendly. Display your team as a carousel slider with some transition effects and nav buttons.

Other WordPress Team Plugin Features:

  • Slideshow options
  • Inside Team’s member Page ready
  • Responsive & Columns structure
  • CSS3 Effects
  • Teams Management

Over all

Team Showcase for Visual Composer plugin is the most complete plugin on the market. With so many options your Team Showcase will be unique and special.

In the Future…

Team Showcase for Visual Composer plugin is already in use on some of our regular clients websites and we know that the next think they want is to have a nice preview system for the templates. As far as we are concerned this is the next feature we want to include, if you have any suggestions please let us know.


If you want to use Team Showcase for Visual Composer plugin, all you need to do is install WordPress 3.5+, and install the plugin.

New Items Release

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Update Log:

How to Update the Plugin?

Version 3.3
- Update on Visual Composer v.5.5.x
- ADD 5 new Templates
- ADD Inside Page open on Modal Popup
- ADD Inside Page open on SlideIn Popup
- Improvements CSS style
Version 3.2
- Improve Compatibility based on Custom Post Type
- Compatibility with Visual Composer v.5.1
Version 3.1
- Fix Last Name order
- Improve Target Link workflow
Version 3.0
- Compatibility with Visual Composer v.5.x
Version 2.9
- ADD Team Members list into Inside Page
- Update on the last VC version 4.12
- Fix Dropdown filter workflow
Version 2.8
- Update on the last VC version 4.11
Version 2.7
- Fix Slider conflict with specific Themes
- Fix Default Color set
- Improve Workflow
Version 2.6
- ADD Search module
- Fix Plugin css conflicts
- Improve Workflow
Version 2.5
- Filter with VC fix
- Filter Improvements
- ShowCase Improvements
Version 2.4
- Update to VC 4.6
Version 2.3
- Improve Order Filter by Slug
Version 2.2
- Order Categorie by Slug on Filter
- Improve Visual Dashboard Design
- Fix CSS particular case
Version 2.1
- ADD Custom Individual Links
- Updates for VC version
- Fix Notices
- Improve Social Medial Links
- Improve Default Values
- ADD Filter Multi-Layouts
- Ready for Theme Pack
- Improve CSS
Version 2.0
- Update Slider version
- Add Slider Loop
- Add Slider Responsive
- Add Slider Auto Height
- Add Slider Mouse Drag
- Add Slider Touch Drag
- Add 3 Paginations Themes
- Improve Slider Bullets
- Add Slider Animation In
- Add Slider Animation Out
- Improve Themes
- Improve VC Elements Design
- Optimize Included files
- Improve Retina Display
Version 1.9
- Add Author Assign
- Add Multi-Group Team Selection
- Add Order by "Last Name" 
- Add Align Members Centered Feature
- Add "Exclude Icons" 
- Add "Custom CSS" Options
- Improve WP Themes Integration
- Improve Filter Multi Categories
- Improve CSS 
- Fix Special Server Compatibility
- Fix Featured Image Restriction
Version 1.8
- Add Responsive Settings
- Add Inside Page Features
- Add custom slug for Custom Post Types
- Update Isotope Script
- Update Team Slider version
- Improve Auto-height Slider
- Add Multi Language
- Improve Filter Buttons CSS
- Improve Inside Page features
- Fix Order Type
Version 1.7
- Improvements Code
- Fix Fonts
- Fix Width
- Fix CSS Safari
Version 1.6
- VC 4.3 Filter Update
Version 1.5
- Filter multi categories fix
- Improve Slider Speed
- Add Slider CSS3 message
Version 1.4
- Fix Filter Feature
Version 1.3
- Add Filter Feature
Version 1.2
- Add Blank Link
- Improve All Fonts
- Fix cursor:pointer
- Improve Themes
- Add RAND Feature
Version 1.1
- Fix CSS Issues
- Improve Slug Workflow


  • FontAwesome
  • OwlCarousel JS
  • Isotope JS
    • nicolashernandezrsf

      2017-07-07 01:58:43
      Purchased Reply

      Hello! Is it possible that the images are displayed in gray color and the hover effect is the color image?

    • azzaroco

      2017-07-07 17:40:37
      Purchased Reply


      It may be possible with some custom style set into Custom CSS box, to change the effect over the default css path and over the hover css path.

      Indeed Team

    • xcelsus

      2014-09-20 00:38:46
      Purchased Reply

      what ist that for a error? Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /www/htdocs/xxxx/wp_template/wp-content/plugins/indeed-my-team-vc/includes/imt_view.php on line 621

    • azzaroco

      2014-09-20 00:45:41
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Is actually an warning and is not an known one that should have a predefined answer for it. What the support team says?

    • simonben

      2014-09-01 23:26:30
      Purchased Reply

      Is it possible to make the team member image clickable / linkable?

    • simonben

      2014-09-01 23:47:46
      Purchased Reply

      Purchase code says invalid when I try to raise a support ticket.

    • azzaroco

      2014-09-02 17:31:01
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Be sure that you select the proper Topic when you try to open a ticket. Otherwise the Purchase code will not be validated.

    • bodierock

      2014-10-21 05:07:10
      Purchased Reply

      Hey guys I sent you an email last week. I have visual composer, and woo canvas. this plugin is not working properly in any way. please help

    • azzaroco

      2014-10-21 09:31:21
      Purchased Reply

      Hi bodierock, All the tickets from the support system were responded by the support team. Please, check your ticket status or your email address. Thanks, Indeed

    • bodierock

      2014-10-24 04:55:24
      Purchased Reply

      Hello Unfortunately I haven't had a reply yet. I received the above email copy only. Can you please follow it up? regards Bo

    • azzaroco

      2014-10-24 05:36:01
      Purchased Reply

      hi, What is your Ticket ID? Have you check the ticket into the support system? Thanks, Indeed

    • leakmarkllc

      2016-12-01 07:40:39
      Purchased Reply

      Purchased this today and was trying to submit a ticket but keeps telling me my Purchase Code is wrong. Could you help?

    • leakmarkllc

      2016-12-01 07:54:38
      Purchased Reply

      Joking... I got it to work :))

    • Arastiriyorum

      2016-04-27 22:36:15
      Purchased Reply

      How to add Rating on team user?

    • azzaroco

      2016-04-27 23:11:16
      Purchased Reply


      This kind of option is available only for Testimonials showcase.

      Indeed Team

    • impact1560

      2014-05-22 02:30:58
      Purchased Reply

      Can I edit the color schemes if I need to match the colors of my website?

    • azzaroco

      2014-05-22 15:39:20
      Purchased Reply

      Hi impact1560, Those 10 colors are predefined and should cover all the spectrum but if you need a special color you can edit one of the color scheme very easy. Is not clickable but not science also. We will show you how to do that, just let a message via our support system. Thanks, Indeed

    • sheenalunatics

      2015-04-03 01:08:59
      Purchased Reply

      Hi My showcase team for vc is not play autoslide please help me. thanks

    • azzaroco

      2015-04-04 02:25:40
      Purchased Reply

      Hi sheenalunatics, Maybe a JS script from another plugin or Themes stops the team slider to play automatically. Please, share with us a way to have a look closer. You can open a ticket into our support system. Thanks, Indeed

    • creativeafrica

      2015-12-04 09:43:16
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, I want to add a custom social media icon and link. I dont mind replacing a current one. Please advise on where to do this. Thanks

    • bewebev

      2017-02-09 05:17:02
      Purchased Reply

      Apparently my support code is invalid?

    • bewebev

      2017-02-09 05:19:24
      Purchased Reply

      resolved it, please keep any eye out for my ticket.

    • graeamos

      2015-08-18 16:49:40
      Purchased Reply

      For the life of me, I cannot find the shortcode to add this to my website, please advise -- -thank you!

    • azzaroco

      2015-08-18 17:59:10
      Purchased Reply

      Hi graeamos, First, is important to reminder that this is an AddOn for Visual Composer page builder. So, to get all the features of this item, including the Showcase settings, you need to have the Visual Composer (an official version) installed. No, shortcodes workflow required into this item. Thanks, Indeed

    • ryansmith

      2014-09-12 04:37:01
      Purchased Reply

      Hello, I love how the My Team plugin display the team on my website, but I don't want to use the default page that is created for each individual member when someone clicks on the thumbnail. I would rather pick a different page already designed on my Wordpress site. How do I select a different link? Thanks!

    • ttpmiguel

      2014-10-26 09:42:14
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Hope you're well. Tried sending an email using the ticket support system, but wouldn't work, quick question below. Just installed the 'My Team Showcase' plugin. I've added a new member and when I add the featured image, for some reason it does not add it or show/load the image. It could probably be that my theme doesn't accept the function....but is there a way around it? Something i could change in the coding? Such a great plugin, i really don't want to not use it and just about to go LIVE with the website. Looking forward to hearing from you, Michael

    • azzaroco

      2014-10-26 20:26:20
      Purchased Reply

      Hi Michael, Some custom themes, personalized the Feature Image process which is not recommended at all. If you still wanna use that custom theme you can ask the author how can you handle the Feature Image for any custom post types. For any other technical question about our plugin get in touch with the support team via the support system. Many Thanks, Indeed

    • digitaldiver

      2016-12-16 04:58:09
      Purchased Reply

      can they be linked to a page when a user clicks on one of the team?

    • azzaroco

      2016-12-16 20:23:12
      Purchased Reply


      Yes, the feature is called Inside Page.

      Indeed Team

    • anitorosyan

      2016-03-27 08:42:37
      Purchased Reply

      Im trying to open a support ticket and keeps saying invalid purchase code. Here i s my question, thank you. I just bought your plugin, and I'm trying to view the "inside page" which I assume is the single post page of the team member. When I click a staff member and goes to the inside page, it's a very unstyled page with a random, arbitrary sidebar. Where can I remove the sidebar from, inn settings? Also, is it up to use to style the individual page, or are there pre-loaded individual page themes? I dont see any option for the predefined template. Thank You.

    • azzaroco

      2016-03-28 18:16:06
      Purchased Reply


      Be sure that you pick the right topic. There are two topics for My Team plugins. The Inside Page comes with a Predefined Template or it can be used any Template from current WP Theme. Also, for advanced users, if is built a custom one, that template can be used also.

      Indeed Team

      Need Support?

      Just get in touch with our dedicated Support Team:

    • davidbaker2009

      2016-09-03 02:37:12
      Purchased Reply

      Hi there.... I need a plugin for VC which will allow me to filter team members by category, and then be able to click on them and their details will drop down... is this possible? thanks David

    • azzaroco

      2016-09-05 19:45:25
      Purchased Reply


      This Plugin let you filter Team Members based on Teams(Categories). Also, you can set an Inside Page workflow, so once you click on a Member you will be redirected on a standalone page. A "dropdown" workflow is not clear.

      Indeed Team

    • davidbaker2009

      2016-09-05 19:53:28
      Purchased Reply

      Thanks for the reply... what I need is a list of team members that can be filtered - and then each team member to have either a dropdown or flip - like this:

    • edgarphs

      2017-05-02 08:56:14
      Purchased Reply

      On one of my team members his job title keeps going into 2 lines. Not sure how to fix that. If you see my team, ERIC, his job tile "Social Director" is not align like the other team members job titles.

    • edgarphs

      2017-05-02 09:03:15
      Purchased Reply

      I added this CSS code. To make the Padding wider. I used 18px. Is that the right code to use? .theme_2 .member-name { position: absolute; bottom: 12px; right: 12px; color: #fff; font-size: 14px; font-weight: 700; padding: 5px 18px; border-radius: 2px; -webkit-border-radius: 2px; -moz-border-radius: 2px; -o-border-radius: 2px; background-color: #444; z-index: 9994; }

    • azzaroco

      2017-05-02 14:39:12
      Purchased Reply


      Please, fill out a Support request with your concern, providing necessary details to have a look from our side and the Support Team will come back to you.

      Indeed Team

      Need Support?

      Just check the Knowledge Base platform or get in touch with our dedicated Support Team:

    • zcolman69

      2014-07-31 05:52:20
      Purchased Reply

      My plugin isn't showing me the short code generator. I can't add the teams page to my site anywhere. Thoughts?

    • azzaroco

      2014-07-31 05:59:04
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Because this plugin is an Addon for Visual Composer Builder. All the features can be found by the new item "My Team" into the Visual Composer list. Thanks, Indeed

    • zcolman69

      2014-07-31 06:48:19
      Purchased Reply

      I would like my money back.. I can't use this unless you have a none visual composer version.

    • zcolman69

      2014-07-31 07:11:11
      Purchased Reply

      I see you made the same one without the visual composer. By any chance can you just send me that one so I don't have to pay another 14 dollars.? [email protected]

    • azzaroco

      2014-07-31 07:38:24
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, We have the main Standard version: This one was built after the standard one and is dedicated for Visual Composer. Unfortunately is not allowed by the Envato to share another plugin that wasn't purchased on the Envato market. Thanks, Indeed

    • unity95

      2014-09-18 02:03:04
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, is there a way to add more than just 4 skills? Is that extendable in any way? Thanks

    • azzaroco

      2014-09-18 07:54:59
      Purchased Reply

      Hi, Now, the plugin is set up to 4 skills to get the perfect showcase and avoid responsive issues for multiple plugin themes. Additional skills required multiple changes. Thanks, Indeed

    • michelbayard

      2014-09-19 20:40:09
      Purchased Reply

      Hello azzaroco, nice work! Here some questions I have:

      • when I resize the screen members stack and others are paired - is there an option to choose how many members will be displayed "block" for mobile?
      Thank You in advance!

    • azzaroco

      2014-09-22 18:46:34
      Purchased Reply

      Hi michelbayard, Is not 100% clear for me, but based on my guessing, you can set a minimum width for a team member on each template. So, if you set the minimum width to: 300px, on mobile devices, you will have 1 item per line and for bigger screens like Tablet, it will show 2 items per line. Thanks, Indeed