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Agencies, Barbers, Gym, Fitness, Restaurants, Cafe, Church, Photography and Photographers, Bistro, Construction, Parallax Effects, Movies, Videos, Woo Commerce stores, Fashion, Blogs, Portfolio, Actors, Dentist, Law, Lawyers, Medical Doctors, Clinics, Stores, Grocery Stores, Freelancer, Web Developer, App Developer, Mobile Apps, Scientists

Excellently works with these plugins

  • WooCommerce
  • WPML
  • MailChimp
  • WP Super Cache
  • Revolution Slider

Premium plugins bundled with The Ark for FREE

  • Revolution slider
  • Fresh Performance Cache
  • Fresh Custom Code
  • Fresh File Editor
  • Fresh Favicon
  • Fresh Menu Item Limit Fix
Bundled plugins FAQ

Key Features

There is just huge amount of features in The Ark. We have created this “never-before-seen” beast, which has been called the best WordPress theme in the world by many of it’s users and is currently rewriting the history. Listing of all the things that are possible to do in The Ark would create a small book, so down here is just a few important features. Remember, we are doing client websites for a living as well, so we are very aware of the usual problems that all the other themes are having. These strong words are backed up with our customer reviews. The Ark has achieved the best rated product of all time status on ThemeForest (out of 30.000+ other web related products on ThemeForest).

  • Tons of pre-defined designs and content
    • 307+ demo pages
    • 223+ big section blocks ready for 1-click insertion
    • 5 demos
    • Simply assemble your website from big parts, without hustle and light-fast
    • You can then customize every little detail with unprecedented amount of detailed options
  • Fresh Builder (unique)
    • Currently the #1 builder in the world
    • Years ahead of every competitor
    • Visual Composer killer
    • Still familiar, intuitive, effective and easy to use
  • Fresh Grid (unique)
    • Fast Parallax effects
    • Background Layers engine (never seen before)
    • Vertical Centering
    • Full Height sections
  • Layouting System (unique and must-have)
    • Customize every corner of your website
    • Everything backed up with Fresh Builder
    • No coding required (this time for real, even for uncommon or tiny/large changes)
    • Never seen before, other themes are not even close in terms of freedom The Ark offers
  • Headers
    • Re-size headers to your liking
    • Logo size is not limited (any logo size will play nicely with the rest of the header)
    • Header size is not limited and can be easily changed
    • Left, Right and Top side positions
    • All the other features you are used to
    • 15+ pre-designed headers for your comfort to use as a starting point
  • Blogs
    • 20+ Blog elements
    • They can be combined to limitless number of variations (unprecedented level of detail and customization options)
    • Grid, Slider, Masonry, Fullwidth, Simple, …
  • Portfolios
    • Unlimited variations of portfolio elements
    • Grid, Slider, Masonry, Fullwidth, Simple, …


2018 September 18th – Version 1.39.0

- New - included Advanced Customfields Pro plugin
- Improved - included Revolution Slider latest version
- Improved - Created "Fast Saving" mode to bypass 500 server errors when saving the content by quicksave
- Improved - Fresh Custom Code saving issue

2018 September 02th – Version 1.38.1

- Improved - Rendering performance improvements

2018 August 24th – Version 1.38.0

- Improved - TinyMCE UL LI
- Improved - Freshizer filestat
- Improved - Fresh Custom Code warning
- Improved - Faster resizing images
- Improved - Small database query performance improvement

2018 July 23th – Version 1.37.0

- Improved - Parallax background rendering in Firefox
- Improved - Minor post single speed update
- Improved - Portfolio deeplinking works
- Improved - Hover effects on background engine
- Improved - Category rendering speed update

2018 July 17th – Version 1.36.0

- Improved - Parallax background rendering in Firefox
- Improved - WooCommerce cart hover in header

2018 July 05th – Version 1.35.0

- Improved - Parallax background
- Improved - Horizontal scroll problem on mobile phones

2018 June 22th – Version 1.34.0

- Improved - Parallax background
- Improved - Horizontal scroll problem on mobile phones
- Improved - JS Menu Saving
- Improved - Portfolio loading - removed cumulative delay between items

2018 June 11th – Version 1.33.0

- Improved - Video element has options to add parameters
- Improved - Ark dashboard points to correct URL when academy is disabled
- New - WC Short Description Archive element

2018 May 25th – Version 1.32.0

- Improved - Minor admin improvements in design, spelling correction and description
- New - GDPR compliance of the register license procedure

2018 May 11th – Version 1.31.0

- Improved - CSS duplicate printing - add option into theme options to disable it

2018 April 23th – Version 1.30.3

- Improved - CSS printing for multiple buttons per page

2018 April 19th – Version 1.30.2

- Improved - Page loader on pages with Boxed Wrappers
- Improved - Background engine on display:inline elements
- Improved - Reduced amount of CSS printed
- Improved - Breadcrumbs on posts page

2018 April 12th – Version 1.30.1

- Improved - Background Engine fixes and improvements

2018 April 10th – Version 1.30.0

- New - Performance boost 10%
- New - Google Pagespeed 100 is achievable now
- Improved - Background and grid engine is rewritten form javascript ot PHP
- Improved - ACF and Saving menu conflict

2018 April 05th – Version 1.29.1

- Improved - WooCommerce builder
- Improved - CSS animations and preloader

2018 April 03th – Version 1.29.0

- New - Over 25% performance speed boost
- Improved - custom loops now can be printed with any elements (tables, ul-li etc)

2018 March 18th – Version 1.28.2

- Improvement - Backend performance

2018 March 14th – Version 1.28.1

- Improvement - Accordions
- Improvement - Fresh Grid

2018 March 12th – Version 1.28.0

- New - WooCommerce builder
- Improvement - Option to white-label Ark and hide Ark Academy and Hire us tabs
- Improvement - Image Element - set width and height is applied even when you do not use freshizer
- Improvement - WC variable product works

2018 February 07th – Version 1.27.2

- Improvement - srcset and sizes attributes for sites with disabled freshizer

2018 January 30th – Version 1.27.1

- Improvement - Admin Saving

2018 January 29th – Version 1.27.0

- New - 4 installable demo websites (Barbershop, Logistics, Event, Cosmos)
- New - 50% reduction in included CSS files for performance boost
- New - Over 50 new sections for the Section Library
- New - Integration with our new Ark Academy (

2017 December 05th – Version 1.26.0

- New - Layouts admin screen
- New - Rel nofollow option in links
- New - Ability to duplicate headers
- New - Option in Theme Options, which allows you to lower quality of images globally
- New - Added option in Header to include the Topbar Height in white space compensation calculation
- New - Templates can be printed with Shortcode easily now
- New - Added new element "Custom Divider
- Improved - Element WooCommerce Product crashes when WooCommerce plugin is not installed
- Improved - Description in contact form wrapper
- Improved - Email auto responder - now you can return false and do not send emails

2017 November 14th – Version 1.25.0

- New - Form auto responder
- New - Background Gradient
- New - Improvement tab in admin
- New - Option to disable freshizer in Theme Options
- New - ACE editor available on every textarea
- Improved - You can write PHP codes to influence Backgrounds
- Improved - You can write PHP codes to influence links

2017 October 24th – Version 1.24.0

- New - ACF Gallery Element
- New - Ability to disable builder shortcodes printing in the content (theme options)
- Improved - WooCommerce Cart Templates
- Improved - WooCommerce checkout page fix
- Improved - Updated section that links to non-existing image
- Improved - Featured images fix

2017 October 04th – Version 1.23.0

- Improved - Element Countdown has now option to have leading zeros
- Improved - WooCommerce checkout page
- Improved - Main Demo Installation
- New - Forms now have option to submit via post and get - you can create nice and useful forms for your apps
- New - Image element has automatically added srcset and size by bootstrap breakpoints
- New - Featured Image element has automatically added srcset and size by bootstrap breakpoints

2017 September 07th – Version 1.22.1

- Improved - Default Product Category Archive default template display settings
- Improved - TinyMCE z index bug
- Improved - the_content filter was sometimes applied twice
- Improved - Amp in menu works

2017 August 30th – Version 1.22.0

- New - Naming Sections in builder by ID attribute for better orientation in builder
- New - Drag and drop builder delay 50ms for better workflow
- New - Builder can be printed through do_shortcode tag
- Improved - Contact form has option to redirect to thank you page after submit
- Improved - TinyMCE is not converting URLs to relative anymore
- Improved - Better description to typography tab (line height)
- Improved - Better URL rewriting
- Improved - Amp in menu works

2017 August 11th – Version 1.21.0

- Improved - Post Content Default Printing Builder

2017 August 08th – Version 1.20.6

- Improved - Text editor z-index issue introduced by WordPress 4.8.1 fixed

2017 August 08th – Version 1.20.5

- New - Custom loops
- New - Full Advanced Custom Fields integration
- New - ACE code editor implemented in some places (more coming)
- New - Ability to copy/paste sub-elements
- Improved - Self-hosted video backgrounds will now play on mobile/tablet as well

2017 July 07th – Version 1.20.4

- New - FreshBuilder can be enabled on any CPT
- Improved - Headers (pills and others)
- Improved - Portfolio you can show all filters, even the empty one
- Improved - Menu double tap to click iOS iPad / iPhone

2017 July 04th – Version 1.20.3

- Improved - WooCommerce Header
- Improved - Loop sort by Author
- Improved - Better demo tab description
- Improved - Better Form Wrapper description
- Improved - Portfolio - deep linking enabled
- Improved - Portfolio - added support for custom taxonomy for filters

2017 June 28th – Version 1.20.1

- New - Apetit Demo added
- Improved - Fresh Builder workflow
- Improved - Global Styles
- Improved - Hire Us Tab

2017 June 27th – Version 1.20.0

- New - Added Global Styles (killer feature)
- New - Fresh Builder loads lightfast (killer feature)
- New - Hire Us tab
- New - Fresh Select (option type)
- New - Apetit
- Improved - Fresh Builder workflow
- Improved - freshizer svg support
- Improved - Multiple lines of CSS and JS printing

2017 May 31th – Version 1.19.0

- New - Reorganized Ark Dashboard
- Improved - Gallery element better description
- Improved - Yoast SEO content integration
- Improved - Password protected posts
- Improved - Menu font changes
- Improved - New revolution slider versions
- Improved - Gallery element JS rendering on backend
- Improved - Accordion2 element JS rendering on backend
- Improved - Migration Tab Improvement

2017 May 23th – Version 1.18.2

- Improved - z-index lightbox fix
- Improved - demo content URL changed

2017 May 17th – Version 1.18.1

- Improved - parallax background image position in Firefox
- Improved - links with lightbox has now options for sizes

2017 May 09th – Version 1.18.0

- New - Gallery Element feature added
- New - 34 sections added
- Improved - WooCommerce 3.0 product gallery zoom, lightbox and slider

2017 April 19th – Version 1.17.0

- New - Spa demo added
- New - 9 sections added
- New - Wrapper element has option to disable caching
- Improved - Fresh Builder revision handling
- Improved - Ajax influencing
- Improved - OWL Slider links

2017 April 12th – Version 1.16.0

- New - Dentist demo added
- New - Yoga demo added
- New - Cafe demo added
- Improved - Copy Paste
- Improved - Ajax influencing
- Improved - Custom Taxonomies coverage with sitemap
- Improved - Sitemap

2017 March 29th – Version 1.15.0

- New - Icon font better implementation
- New - Added option - menu items with submenu on mobile opens sumbeno and not go to another page
- New - Added option to always have opened topbar on mobile phone 
- Improved - Header hide on scroll animation

2017 March 20th – Version 1.14.1

- New - WooCommerce cart in left and right menu
- Improved - Font Awesome update
- Improved - paragraph formatting when saving through WP publish button
- Improved - youtube video background can play music

2017 March 15th – Version 1.14.0

- New - Developer Console appears on front-end (for admins)
- New - WP Debug can be enabled from Ark Dasbhoard
- Improved - Contact form javascript events
- Improved - Contact Form custom messages - created example
- Improved - Sitemap Scrolling
- Improved - Headers, Titlebars and Footers reset
- Improved - Parallax and video backgrounds cant be working on mobile phones description
- Improved - Posts page and blog page cant be same
- Improved - Performance Cache info message
- Improved - Image info tool
- Improved - Freshizer

2017 March 08th – Version 1.13.0

- New - Major Fresh Builder speed and usability improvement
- Improved - WooCommerce tab switching

2017 March 01th – Version 1.12.0

- New - Boxed Wrappers - this way you can transform Ark into boxed design
- New - Theme Options global layout tab - you can set one header, titlebar and footer globally
- Improved - WPML layout routing funcitonality
- Improved - Featured Image can have Alt and Title attributes fed from image data
- Improved - Post / page settings writepanel redesigned
- Improved - Duplicating layouts functionality
- Improved - Javascript menu items fix
- Improved - OnePage menu smoothscroll enabled by default
- Improved - Text-transform css option now supports value none
- Improved - Topbar
- Improved - Header sidemenu can now set background color
- Improved - Documentation contains chapter about how to create one page navigation

2017 February 21th – Version 1.11.0

- New - Element Shortcode Wrapper
- New - Smoothscroll offset can be set in Theme Options
- Improved - Migration Tab now have options to replace any strings inside your WP install
- Improved - Single Portfolio can have custom URL, open lightbox video etc
- Improved - Scroll to top button fixed menu connection
- Improved - Featured Video Area
- Improved - RSS Feed showing
- Improved - YOAST seo opengraph tags
- Improved - Global Styles can be deleted and renamed
- Improved - Membership plugins compatibility
- Improved - Custom Loop reset at the end

2017 February 15th – Version 1.10.1

- Improved - Major Contact Form improvement

2017 February 14th – Version 1.10.0

- New - Element Image before after
- Improved - Post Content
- Improved - Fresh Builder Loading
- Improved - HTML Element
- Improved - Accordion elements
- Improved - Animated heading
- Improved - WPML Search
- Improved - Custom Sidebar functionality
- Improved - Navigation Menu dropdown element folding
- Improved - Blog Timeline added pagination
- Improved - Smooth Scroll improvement

2017 February 07th – Version 1.9.1

- Improved - Smoothscroll and OnePage functionality
- Improved - Vertical Menu
- Improved - Post Content block

2017 February 02th – Version 1.9.0

- New - Migration Admin menu (migrate your website from staging to productions server easily)
- New - Smooth Scroll available at any link
- New - Added video tutorials everywhere
- New - Added Support and Docs admin menu
- Improved - Breadcrumbs on woo commerce single archive
- Improved - Removed system tabs from header
- Improved - Icon font loading
- Improved - GD library version compatibility check
- Improved - Fresh Framework ajax reports

2017 January 27th – Version 1.8.2

- New - System Status tab
- Improved - Fresh Builder Caching

2017 January 24th – Version 1.8.1

- Improved - Updating system

2017 January 23th – Version 1.8.0

- New - Hair Salon demo added
- Improved - Headers major improvement (added option to insert builder elements into header)
- Improved - Fresh Builder Caching
- Improved - Image aspect ratio
- Improved - Multiple select2 options loading
- Improved - Different port url rewriting
- Improved - Fresh grid container

2017 January 18th – Version 1.7.1

- Improved - Fresh Builder Caching and Performance

2017 January 17th – Version 1.7.0

- New - Update feature
- Improved - Fresh Builder Caching and Performance
- Improved - SEO redirecting

2017 January 10th – Version 1.6.1

- Improved - Headers
- Improved - Fresh Builder Caching

2017 January 09th – Version 1.6.0

- New - Header Tablet Logo option
- Improved - Woo Commerce loops
- Improved - PHP low version warning
- Improved - PHP memory requirements
- Improved - Map element has now option for insert custom JSON style
- Improved - Map element double markers duplicity problem
- Improved - Post Meta - custom HTML / PHP code insertion

2017 January 03th – Version 1.5.0

- New - Element If added
- Improved - Woo Commerce loops
- Improved - Header Fullscreen option to switch menu button
- Improved - Header Vertical option to set width 
- Improved - Rev Slider Element
- Improved - Custom CSS code selector input

2017 January 02th – Version 1.4.1

- Improved - Header and logo major improvement

2016 December 26th – Version 1.4.0

- New - 4 Section Blocks - Gym added
- New - 5 Section Blocks - Construction added
- New - 3 Section Blocks - Healthy Food added
- New - Revolution Slider new version
- Improved - Fresh Builder Elements JS loading
- Improved - Update functionality

2016 December 21th – Version 1.3.0

- New - Plugin Fresh Performance Cache added ($21)
- New - Plugin Fresh Custom Code added ($12)
- New - Plugin Fresh File Editor added ($12)
- New - Plugin Fresh Favicon added ($10)
- New - Plugin WordPress Menu Item Limit Fix added ($10)
- Improved - Loop pagination at front page
- Improved - Theme Options font picker
- Improved - WooCommerce CSS
- Improved - Recaptcha JS including

2016 December 20th – Version 1.2.0

- New - Healthy Food Shop demo
- Improved - Color picker for copyright text in vertical headers

2016 December 19th – Version 1.1.1

- Improved - Advanced Toggle Box usage improved
- Improved - Select2 Initialization
- Improved - Element Revolution Slider
- Improved - Buttons openning in same window

2016 December 15th – Version 1.1.0

- New - Element "Breadcrumb Title" created and added
- New - Element "SEO Microdata Breadcrumbs" created and added
- New - Element "Specification" created and added
- Improved - Header editor linking
- Improved - Element "Icon" Links
- Improved - Element "Carousel Slider" - major improvement

2016 December 12th – Version 1.0.3

- Improved - WooCommerce caching improved
- Improved - Background Engine YouTube Api Loading
- Improved - Fresh Builder Loading Time

2016 December 10th – Version 1.0.2

- New - Construction demo
- New - 5 Section Blocks
- New - Muted Admin Colors
- Improved - Map element - major improvement
- Improved - Faster Performance
- Improved - Carousel Slider Arrow Navigation

2016 December 07th – Version 1.0.1

- Improved - Faster Performance

2016 December 05th – Version 1.0.0

- Initial release

  • jcomminc

    2017-10-06 14:28:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have another question: I wish to create a page that emulates the Background 5 HTML Video page ( However, when I try to duplicate it, I either end up with video playing INSIDE the section, or a full-width section obscuring the background video. How do I do this correctly, so that the sections/content are not full-width, and there is video playing on the edges of the window, like the template page shows? (Note: the template page did not properly import in the demo. It still shows in content blocks.)


    2017-10-06 17:23:38
    Purchased Reply

    Hi jcomminc! About the demo import, if you update to the latest version (1.23.0), then you can re-import the demo and you should be fine. For the section background, we created special functionality called "Boxed Wrappers". It's available through the theme options. If you struggle with that, feel free to open a ticket and we will help you asap :-) For more info about upcoming updates and insider info, follow our Ark Theme Facebook page (updated daily) or visit our Ark Theme Blog Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".


    • Open Ticket

  • jcomminc

    2017-10-07 16:39:06
    Purchased Reply

    Thank you! I understand Boxed Wrappers now, I think. However, one issue has arisen: how do I make the header full-width? It is now contained within the Boxed Wrapper and therefore is cut off on the sides. I figured this out for the footer, using the 'force full width option'.


    2017-10-10 22:10:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi jcomminc! Please open a ticket at and include your wp-login. We will set this up for you. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • rsoaresdias

    2017-10-20 06:06:54
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! I can not install the "main demo". It is going to 404 "page not found". Can you help me? Thank you


    2017-10-20 07:05:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hi rsoaresdias! I have tried it now and it should be working fine. If the issue is still there, please send us your wp-login via and we will inspect it for you. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • JargonGR

    2017-10-27 07:15:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hi guys please update the Changelog....just thought of reminding you. @ ins030 Yes you can use multilanguage - Two of my sites built with Ark are in two languages with WPML plugin.


    2017-10-27 19:51:13
    Purchased Reply

    Hi JargonGR! Thank you very much fur reminding - changelog just has been udpated. For more info about upcoming updates and insider info, follow our Ark Theme Facebook page (updated daily) or visit our Ark Theme Blog Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".


    • Open Ticket

  • EdBrito

    2017-11-08 07:05:09
    Purchased Reply

    Help, The Fresh Builder Doesn't Load on any page or the Dashboard. And when I try to edit any Header Component it sends me to a 404 Page. I have used this theme before on a different site (with a different hoster) and never had these problems. This installation just isn't working. I tried reinstalling everything clearing the cache multiple times, and I get nothing, just loading on the Fresh Builder.


    2017-11-08 07:15:12
    Purchased Reply

    Hi EdBrito! Try to de-activate all 3rd party plugins and then try it again. If this does not help, then please open a ticket and share your WP and FTP login as well. For more info about upcoming updates and insider info, follow our Ark Theme Facebook page (updated daily) or visit our Ark Theme Blog Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".


    • Open Ticket

  • EdBrito

    2017-11-08 07:33:37
    Purchased Reply

    All Third-Party Plugins are deactivated, I can't share the requested WP or FTP, also I don't know how that will help anything, I've installed everything as I've always done, I don't know why I should readily share sensible information when my problem could be addressed with a simple chat. Thanks for the prompt response but, I will be getting a refund.


    2017-11-08 07:53:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hi EdBrito! I completely understand your POV. For 99.99%, there is problem with your server environment. There are thousands of possible server configurations (software and hardware) and Ark works for almost all of them (all properly configured). But it's of course not possible to hit the 100%, because some server providers simply do poor business. Your problem cannot be addressed with a simple chat. From the thing I wrote above is obvious, that sharing the WP and FTP is actually required for us, to figure out, what your server provider id wrong. If you dont want to share your details, can you please create another account on your same host and duplicate your site? We will proceed the fixes there and you can then copy&paste it to your original site. For more info about upcoming updates and insider info, follow our Ark Theme Facebook page (updated daily) or visit our Ark Theme Blog Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".


    • Open Ticket

  • juacohi

    2017-11-10 05:30:22
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. Presale question here.. in the "tabs" element, the vertical style, can i embed a youtube video ?. Thanks


    2017-11-11 01:49:19
    Purchased Reply

    Hi juacohi! Yes, you should be able to simply insert the YouTube embed code anywhere. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • juacohi

    2017-11-11 02:53:32
    Purchased Reply

    A friend has this theme for a football club and he told me that he can't add any video in the tabs.. so he might be doing something wrong.. If i buy the theme now and i can't make it happen, could you guys give me some tech support ?.


    2017-11-11 03:57:20
    Purchased Reply

    Hi juacohi! I see what you mean now. I have forwarded this issue to our developers and will know more about it on Monday/Tuesday. I can give you an unofficial fix for this but we want to integrate it for everyone in the next version update if the devs decide it's safe to deploy it on all Ark installations in the wild. And yes, basic tech support is included in the price for the first 6 months I believe. But you can extend it later if you need to with "support packages". Thanks and cheers! :)

  • juacohi

    2017-11-15 22:53:19
    Purchased Reply

    Ok thanks, hope you guys can include it soon, since i didn't see it in the recent update.. I tried with different plugins to add or even embed the frame code that youtube gives you, but none of them worked.. So you can't add a video inside a tab, which is what i need, and to be honest, the theme is awesome, almost perfect, so in my opinion is really weird that you can't do this..


    2017-11-20 22:15:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi juacohi! This should be fixed in the next version, our programmer already pushed the code into our central repo. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • Dave90210

    2017-11-13 19:23:51
    Purchased Reply

    How do I import the 300 themes? Also will these themes work with Visual Composer?

  • Dave90210

    2017-11-13 19:58:32
    Purchased Reply

    Where's your 300 layouts? All I see is a very small amount of demos! I was under the impression there would be 300 demos. It's going to create a lot of unnecessary work if I have to build my site without a demo layout! When I click on themes I see zero!

  • Dave90210

    2017-11-13 21:27:30
    Purchased Reply

    Please give me a refund I'm not wasting any more time with this. You guys claim your builder is much easier than Visual Composer which isn't the case. Also theirs only a small number of demos and none look like the demos on your sales page!


    2017-11-13 22:34:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Dave! No worries, no product is good for everyone or every project. I have just approved your refund, thank you for sending it. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • jowelr

    2017-11-29 22:20:43
    Purchased Reply

    When I tried to upload theme from dashboard, it is always showing "This site can’t be reached The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address. ERR_CONNECTION_ABORTED" Whats wrong?


    2017-11-29 23:27:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hi jowelr! Your PHP file upload limit is too low. Please upload the theme via FTP (if you struggle with that, google the phrase, there are tons of tutorials about this) For more info about upcoming updates and insider info, follow our Ark Theme Facebook page (updated daily) or visit our Ark Theme Blog Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".


    • Open Ticket

  • jowelr

    2017-11-29 23:40:52
    Purchased Reply

    Fresh Performance Cache plugin not working. It is breaking the site

  • jowelr

    2017-11-29 23:43:30
    Purchased Reply

    I want refund. I did not find what I expected.


    2017-11-29 23:45:36
    Purchased Reply

    Hi jowelr! This can happen if you try to minify assets that are not well written (from other plugins). Which is why we have added the "Exclude assets" feature there. You can try to disable some assets to find which ones are causing the problems. You will find it in the admin screen for Fresh Performance Cache, just click on the "Exclude" button there and you will see a list that you can modify. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • jowelr

    2017-11-29 23:56:25
    Purchased Reply

    I have used only your plugins (recommended plugins) . I did not install others plugin.


    2017-11-30 01:56:35
    Purchased Reply

    Hi jowelr! Then the issue might be elsewhere, please send us your wp-login via and we will inspect your website in detail. Thanks and cheers! :)


    2017-11-30 01:57:57
    Purchased Reply

    Also, if needed, you can ask for a refund here.

  • cursuriccse

    2017-08-09 23:01:18
    Purchased Reply

    hello.. Warning: fopen( /public_html/wp-content/uploads/freshizer/img_caching_info.frs): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/fresh-framework/framework/extern/freshizer/freshizer.php on line 299 What's this?

  • cursuriccse

    2017-08-09 23:24:58
    Purchased Reply

    P.S. [05-Aug-2017 02:12:47 UTC] PHP Warning: filesize(): stat failed for in /home/top/public_html/wp-content/plugins/fresh-framework/framework/extern/freshizer/freshizer.php on line 198 [05-Aug-2017 02:12:47 UTC] PHP Warning: imagecreatefromstring(): Empty string or invalid image in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/fresh-framework/framework/extern/freshizer/freshizer.php on line 1815 [05-Aug-2017 02:12:47 UTC] PHP Warning: Division by zero in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/fresh-framework/framework/extern/freshizer/freshizer.php on line 1896 [05-Aug-2017 02:12:47 UTC] PHP Warning: Division by zero in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/fresh-framework/framework/extern/freshizer/freshizer.php on line 1905 [05-Aug-2017 02:12:47 UTC] PHP Warning: Division by zero /public_html/wp-content/plugins/fresh-framework/framework/extern/freshizer/freshizer.php on line 1908 [05-Aug-2017 02:12:47 UTC] PHP Warning: imagecreatetruecolor(): Invalid image dimensions in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/fresh-framework/framework/extern/freshizer/freshizer.php on line 1831 ? ? ?


    2017-08-10 00:16:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi cursuriccse! Can you please send us your wp-login and steps required to reproduce this error via I assume you are trying to resize an already uploaded image? Thanks and cheers! :)

  • agcidoncha

    2017-08-14 05:52:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hello i have a problem in the blog page the feature image not working ,I do not understand the reason Help me please


    2017-08-15 01:20:35
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there! Some of your images failed to be resized with PHP GD library. This is usually due to incorrect server config or corrupted image files. Can you please open a support ticket at and include your wp-login? We can then take a closer look and possibly find a solution for you. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • hafidchow

    2017-08-18 21:21:02
    Purchased Reply

    I am trying to config the theme and met some problems. Do you have a support forum or I have to post my questions here?

  • musiclifeline

    2017-08-24 06:24:43
    Purchased Reply

    Will you support pricing table toggles soon (like this:) Would be good :)


    2017-08-24 20:22:56
    Purchased Reply

    Hi musiclifeline! I wrote down a note about this, thank you for sharing. I can't promise anything at this point since there are other updates in the development pipeline now but it's a neat idea. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • hstpctech

    2017-09-22 21:31:39
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Ark, made a purchase hours ago but stumbled upon installation. Followed your instruction to upload just the theme files to no avail, still getting the missing stylesheet error. Need some helping hands please...


    2017-09-22 22:01:46
    Purchased Reply

    Hi hstpctech! Make sure the Ark's "style.css" file is located like this: /wp-content/themes/ark/style.css If it's not there then you have uploaded the theme folder into incorrect location. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • hstpctech

    2017-09-22 22:17:31
    Purchased Reply

    Hello support, style.css is located in the right place but still the same error. Perhaps it's because the child theme is not copied? Also, now I can't switch to other themes; it's locked with the Ark.

  • hstpctech

    2017-09-22 22:33:35
    Purchased Reply

    Have set the permissions to 755, but still nothing..


    2017-09-22 22:37:04
    Purchased Reply

    Then that's really unusual so we would need to see it. Please send us your wp-login and FTP login via and we will inspect it.


    2017-09-22 22:43:26
    Purchased Reply

    Hi hstpctech! Please open support ticket and include your wp-login and FTP login here: We will check it out for you. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • inspiron8500

    2017-05-11 06:45:21
    Purchased Reply

    Since the last update, the background "fixed position" no longer works! What's going on there?


    2017-05-11 18:22:06
    Purchased Reply

    Hi inspiron8500! We did not changed anything related to backgrounds in the last update. So could you remember any last-time changes, which could possibly cause this? If not, could you please open a ticket? We will do our best to assist you asap :-) Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".


  • cursuriccse

    2017-05-24 22:46:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. I've just finished a site. Is great. Now, I have another problem. I have another site built with Visual Composer in pages and posts. If I will change the theme with the Ark, your Fresh builder is compatible with VC? I mean, in terms of CSS classes. Design, etc.. How many changes should I make to a page, to switch from VC to Fresh builder?


    2017-05-25 19:34:57
    Purchased Reply

    Hi cursuriccse! Ark Theme is fully compatible with Visual Composer. But Fresh Builder and visual composer are 2 different things. From IT point of view, there is no way how you can transfer content of one builder to another (in general, not only in Ark Theme), because every builder uses it's own different notation. Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".



  • cursuriccse

    2017-05-25 21:45:44
    Purchased Reply

    Let's take an example. If I make a square of a certain size with a certain color or corner radius in a VB - on a page, when applying the Ark theme, does the page with that square still preserve completely the design properties of the CSS properties? Thanks.


    2017-05-26 16:17:42
    Purchased Reply

    Hi cursuriccse! If the vc CSS was modified with your WP theme, then it's a big chance it will not work. If the CSS was NOT modified, then it should work, but you need to keep the VC active. But these are just hypothetical statements. Better count with the most realistic output - you would need to re-do the website, when migrating to any builder to any other builder. Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".



  • NathanBeddoeWebDev

    2017-07-20 13:37:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have an issue with the theme and verification of the license. I saw on a previous post today that someone was having a similar issue. I enter the License Key and the E-Mail address and then press Show License but nothing happens. The guy earlier obviously isn't the only one having the issue so maybe you guys should look into it and try to provide a proper answer


    2017-07-20 17:10:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi NathanBeddoeWebDev! Please open a ticket and send us all relevant info, we will check it out for you For more info about upcoming updates and insider info, follow our Ark Theme Facebook page (updated daily) or visit our Ark Theme Blog Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".


    • Open Ticket

  • themesawesome

    2016-12-05 22:10:46
    Purchased Reply

    GLWS !

  • khalid123456

    2016-12-08 07:57:02
    Purchased Reply

    OMG so beautiful best luck guys i add to my cart maybe for my next website i dont know shitttt about coding but i make websites sometimes for fun for my friends... i could even buy it now but i still there is is no document for it so i dont know all the elements types and how its look.... best luck guys wish u the best for this hard work .

  • khalid123456

    2016-12-09 04:47:21
    Purchased Reply

    OMG i fail from the first step

  • khalid123456

    2016-12-09 04:57:03
    Purchased Reply

    its ok i went setting change time zone now its work


    2016-12-09 04:57:04
    Purchased Reply

    Hi khalid! Dont worry, send us your WP login through profile page and we will figure it out for you. Seems like Envato has problems with autentification/download servers today. Cheers, freshface

  • oga23

    2016-12-12 14:39:23
    Purchased Reply

    Hi! The demo looks promissing. So i have some questions: Is your compatible with polylang, ultimate member, buddypress, yoast seo, etc.? Does it have pricing tables? Thanks


    2016-12-13 02:44:02
    Purchased Reply

    Hi oga23! And not even the demo, also the features are stunning! :-) From the plugins you say, our theme fully supports WPML, WooCommerce, Yoast Seo. About ultimate member and budypress, it should work out of the box, smoothly, but we will be doing more complex tests soon. Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".



  • oga23

    2016-12-13 03:56:50
    Purchased Reply

    hi, thanks for your reply,quality speeks for itself ;) but polylang is really important to me. is there a chance it could work? can you run a test or something? thanks.


    2016-12-13 04:25:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi oga23! We think it will work (as most of the plugins do), but in-depth testing conducted by us would be a rather long process, so to speed things up, we recommend to just go ahead and try it, worst case scenario we can refund you the purchase to ensure you will be satisfied either way. Thanks and cheers! :)

  • oga23

    2016-12-13 08:33:23
    Purchased Reply

    That sounds excellent to me! ;) One quick question before we start this - waht about caldera forms? will they work as expected (similar to gravity forms)? i am asking because i have quite a lot of forms on my page and they are essential for my site to... thanks for your replies. man the theme is wonderfull!!!

  • oga23

    2016-12-13 09:27:11
    Purchased Reply

    can't install...


    2016-12-13 23:55:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hi oga23! Please make sure, that you have at least 128mb of memory and PHP 5.5+, this should solve 95% of your issues. If you still struggle with that, please could you describe the installation process little bit more and send us your WP login? Use this topic at our support center then Your topic Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".



  • ekajatik

    2016-12-14 22:00:47
    Purchased Reply

    No mention of parallax in the documentation and I cannot find the function in the builder or section backgrounds. Give me a clue guys.


    2016-12-14 22:10:55
    Purchased Reply

    Hi ekajatik! It's in the section Backgrounds, simply hit the pluss button and add parallax section. Video tutorial here: Thanks and cheers! :)

    If you like the item and want to support us, please consider rating it in "My Account -> Downloads".



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