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The UPS Shipping Method plugin for WooCommerce will get real-time rates from UPS. The plugin work with domestic and International package. Works with any currency worldwide, any dimensions and any weight units.


  • NEW Box Packing feature, add boxes and it will calculate which box and how much box to use.
  • Works worldwide with any currency and any dimensions units.
  • Multiple addresses / warehouses can be used, rates will then be calculated based on the methods and address.
  • Ship using your negotiated rate for UPS.
  • 3 way’s of handling the shipping, Per Item, Weight of all items and Box Packing.
  • Choose which shipping methods to show in the checkout.
  • Rename default shipping method to suit your needs.
  • Add handling fee to one or multiple shipping methods
  • Auto update, future updates will be available directly from Wordpress interface FREE.

Shipping Services


v2.0.1? April 11 2014
  • Fixed Multiple Tracking
v2.0.0 ? April 09 2014
  • Added Multiple Tracking
v1.1.6 ? March 28 2014
  • Added Box Packing
  • Updated SYN dependencies
  • Cleanup code
  • Changed error text
v1.1.5 ? March 26 2014
  • Updated auto updater
v1.1.3 ? January 28 2014
  • Fix WC_Version notice
v1.0.8 ? June 14 2013
  • Address validation for US
  • Fixed international methods
  • Added more debug msg
v1.0.7 ? May 24 2013
  • Added multiple addresses
  • Added css for more readable debug
  • Fixed Poland shipping
  • Fixed & sign
  • Moved XML to folder
v1.0.6 ? April 25 2013
  • Added a way to change shipping methods name
  • Added update from Wordpress
  • Fix max weight and weight rounding
v1.0.4 ? April 22 2013
  • Fixed weight addition
v1.0.3 ? April 22 2013
  • Fixed weight with quantity
v1.0.2 ? April 16 2013
  • Added multi units and currency for shipping originating outside USA
  • TheWebFix

    2014-06-19 11:49:03
    Purchased Reply

    should have read the comments before I purchased

  • gormanphil

    2014-04-01 08:17:46
    Purchased Reply

    I get this Error Message at Checkout: Sorry, shipping is unavailable to the United States (US). If you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements please contact us. We only sell in US, all parameters set properly. Is an update/fix coming?

  • woomediainc

    2014-04-02 05:50:41
    Purchased Reply

    Please contact me here for support

  • jitpal

    2014-02-11 09:27:26
    Purchased Reply

    When will this plugin be updated for WooCommerce 2.1? When I updated, the plugin broke on checkout. The error is:

    www: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method WC_Shipping::get_available_shipping_methods()

  • wingcitymedia

    2014-04-24 02:22:53
    Purchased Reply

    Does it do the ups freight option?

  • krause54

    2016-01-18 05:59:38
    Purchased Reply


  • locabuck

    2016-01-24 16:17:41
    Purchased Reply

    How do I get refunded? UPS nor USPS is what I'm looking for.

  • simonkin

    2016-03-16 03:27:41
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have enabled debugging and I get the following: "The XML document is not well formed" No rates are returned. Please advise

  • agorastos9

    2015-06-29 10:39:39
    Purchased Reply

    Can anyone tell me if the like this plugin? Support? Can you combine other shipping methods at checkout? Thank you

  • pcprincess77

    2013-06-17 11:27:33
    Purchased Reply

    Hi Pre-purchase question... Other than having woocommerce integrated and a UPS account, are there any other "requirements" or additional purchases, plugins etc... That I should be aware of? Or is this just a straight forward install and configure plugin? Thanks! I look forward to your reply soon!

  • miandme

    2013-09-25 14:25:47
    Purchased Reply

    Hi A pre-sales question. Does this extension have a box packaging algorithm? Can it pack multiple items into boxes? Can you create custom boxes? Does the extension use Product dimensions? Or does it calculate a rate using product weight only? Thank you in advance.

  • miandme

    2013-09-30 10:54:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I ended up purchasing the version from: i never received any reply, there support is also very fast.

  • miandme

    2013-09-30 13:31:48
    Purchased Reply

    I can recommend the extension from Extension Works it ticks all the boxes, very good, and i will be updating all my extensions with their versions.

  • vannerhouse

    2013-10-16 14:17:49
    Purchased Reply

    I too am getting those crazy errors, "The UPS service "2nd Day Air AM" is invalid for your origin. The UPS service "Ground" is unavailable between Canada and Canada NB: These error(s) does not mean that the plugin is not working correctly, sometimes some services can be available in one countries but not in another. If you never get a quote, please try to enable other methods to see if one is working." Is there any way to disable the shipping methods that are unavailable and triggering these errors as the user is still given successful shipping methods to choose from? Thanks

  • zzalienzz

    2013-04-13 03:22:09
    Purchased Reply

    woocommerce already has this plugin, whats the difference?

  • woomediainc

    2013-04-13 08:49:20
    Purchased Reply

    WooCommerce does not come with a UPS Shipping module by default, you have to buy it. Thanks!

  • parkershepherd

    2013-11-20 15:27:11
    Purchased Reply

    Does this plugin support box packing? (automatically fit packages into an appropriate sized box before returning shipping price) or does the plugin only return prices per item? Thank you.

  • fingroup

    2014-08-12 08:40:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hi there, I have a pre-purchase question - I currently use the Table Rate Shipping plugin by Bolder Elements and wonder if your plugin will work along side this? I need more than just UPS for shipping. Thanks! Leanne

  • ordinaryman09

    2014-08-02 08:14:32
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I have 2 presales questions. 1. Are you still actively supporting this plugin? 2. How does the calculation works if I don't specify the box, and the buyer buy multiple items? Thanks!

  • tuan_d_la

    2014-08-08 01:20:26
    Purchased Reply

    I'm not able to have UPS recognized as a shipping method. I've spent several hours. I've got all the credentials and fidgeted with everything I can think of, however I'm hosting the site locally right now for development. I'm moving to a temporary host soon. Would it being hosted locally and maybe not having some required software on the server be my issue?

  • msmarypatt

    2014-08-23 03:38:21
    Purchased Reply

    How is this plugin different from Woo Commerce plugin found here: ???

  • Go24advertising

    2015-02-19 02:44:27
    Purchased Reply

    We purchased your plugin about few weeks ago Our website sells tiles and the average visitor will purchase over 70 lbs. Does your plugin support the UPS LTL service? Error: Shipping and Handling There don‘t seem to be available shipping methods. Please double check your address, or contact us if you need any help. URL:

  • Go24advertising

    2015-02-19 06:17:42
    Purchased Reply

    Unknown UPS error ErrorCode: 110003 ErrorDescription: Maximum number of packages exceeded (200) NB: These error(s) does not mean that the plugin is not working correctly, sometimes some services can be available in one countries but not in another. If you never get a quote, please try to enable other methods to see if one is working.

  • turner2f

    2015-05-24 10:53:22
    Purchased Reply

    Does this issue tracking numbers for USPS, UPS and FedEx ? Do we have to manually insert the tracking number? Does it send a tracking number to the customers email? Is there a video tutorial? - turner2f

  • ronr1999

    2015-06-09 02:57:27
    Purchased Reply

    A year ago the author of this plugin wrote: Please contact me here for support: