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Xtreme Admin Dashboard is bootstrap 4 based admin dashboard and control admin panel. Xtreme is fully responsive HTML template, based on the CSS framework Bootstrap 4 and based on Modular Design. It utilizes all of the Bootstrap components in its design and re-styles many commonly used plugins to create a consistent design that can be used as a user interface for backend applications. Xtreme Admin Template is based on a Modular design, which allows it to be easily customised and built upon.


10+ Different Dashboards
10 Different Demos
5 Ready to Use Application Designs
Amazingly Well Designed and Carefully Crafted Templates
RTL Demo Version (New)
6+ Color Skins
Clean and Creative Landing Page Included (Free $18)
Data Table Export to CSV, Excel, PDF, Copy and Print
Range Slider
Light and Dark Color Schemes
Light/Dark Sidebar Templates
1600+ pages
500+ Ui Components
RTL Support Lots of widgets
Bootstrap 4 Stable Version
3000+ Fonts Icons
Fully Responsive pages
Easy to customize
Many Charts Options
Multi File upload
Lots of Table Examples
Validation Forms
Lots of ready to use plugins.

Whats Included

  • Main Menu
  • Dashboard 4
    • Classic Dashboard
    • Analytical Dashboard
    • Campaign Dashboard
    • eCommerce Dashboard
    • Crpyto Dashboard
    • General Dashboard
    • Sales Dashboard
    • Trendy Dashboard
    • Modern Dashboard
    • Overview Dashboard
  • Applications
    • Chat Application (New)
    • Calendar Application (New)
    • Ticket Application (New)
    • Task Board Application (New)
    • Mail box
    • Inbox detail
    • Compose mail
    • Contact / Employee Listing (New)
    • Contact / Employee Listing Variation (New)
    • Contact / Employee Details (New)
  • UI Elements
    • Panels and Wells
    • Buttons
    • Sweat alert
    • Typography
    • Grid
    • Tabs
    • User Cards (New)
    • Modals
    • Progress Bars
    • Notifications
    • Carousel
    • List & Media object (New)
    • Timeline
    • Horizontal Timeline (New)
    • Nesteble
    • Range Slider (New)
    • Bootstrap UI
  • Forms
    • Basic Forms
    • Form Layout
    • Form Addons
    • Form Material
    • Form with Float input (New)
    • File Upload
    • Form Mask
    • Form Validation
    • File Dropzone
    • Form-pickers
    • Image cropping (New)
    • Form-wizards
    • Typehead (New)
    • X-editable
    • Summernote (New)
    • Bootstrap wysihtml5
    • Tinymce wysihtml5
  • Professional
  • Sample Pages
    • Starter Page (New)
    • Blank Page
    • Lightbox Popup (New)
    • Treeview (New)
    • Search Result (New)
    • Utility Classes (New)
    • Custom Scroll (New)
    • Login Page
    • Login page v2 (New)
    • Animations (New)
    • Profile
    • Invoice
    • FAQ
    • Gallery
    • Pricing
    • Register
    • Register V2 (New)
    • Recover Password
    • Lock Screen
    • Error 400
    • Error 403
    • Error 404
    • Error 500
    • Error 503
  • Charts
    • Flot Charts
    • Morris Chart
    • Chart-js
    • Peity Charts
    • Sparkline charts
    • Knob charts (New)
    • Extra Charts
  • Tables
    • Basic Tables
    • Table layouts (New)
    • Data Table
    • Bootstrap Tables
    • Responsive Tables
    • Editable Tables
    • FooTables
    • JsGrid Tables
  • Widgets
  • Icons
    • Font awesome
    • Themify Icons
    • Simple line Icons
    • Linea Icons
    • Weather Icons
  • Google Map
  • Vector Map
  • Calendar
  • Multi-Level Dropdown
    • Second Level Item
    • Second Level Item
    • Third Level
      • Third Level Item
      • Third Level Item
      • Third Level Item
      • Third Level Item
  • Log out
  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Gallery
  • Faqs


Bootstrap –
Jquery –
Font-Awesome –
Fonts : Nunito Sans Google Web Fonts ( Images – Unsplash (


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    2018-06-13 03:24:15
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    hello I congratulate you very much that impressive template, very clean and incredible graphical part. have great sales. I wanted to ask, can you use this admin template in php and mysql programming and use it in codecanyon? regards

  • wrappixel

    2018-06-13 18:29:18
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, we currently have no plan for making in php, but we will thing in future. Thanks


    2018-06-13 21:45:33
    Purchased Reply

    thanks for answering, friend I can buy this template and as a programmer in php and mysql I can use part of it or some modules in codecanyon. in the description of the caraterisiticas would place as credits that template xtreme. what do you say .. thanks

  • wrappixel

    2018-06-13 21:52:25
    Purchased Reply

    can you please email me at [email protected]? Thanks

  • DEV-Themes

    2018-06-10 03:34:34
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    Excellent Work! :-)

  • wrappixel

    2018-06-11 02:36:42
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  • Foohx

    2018-06-11 23:36:48
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, I've a little issue with icons on the template. I have none that appears. I'm just on the version just downloaded. Thanks :)

  • Foohx

    2018-06-11 23:46:22
    Purchased Reply

    icons @import do not add them onto style.css

  • wrappixel

    2018-06-12 20:36:35
    Purchased Reply

    please create support ticket from and our team will help you out. Thanks

  • deations

    2018-09-04 05:22:16
    Purchased Reply

    Any idea on integrating Angular or React with this template? Cool template. But it would be better if we have angular implementation.

  • wrappixel

    2018-09-04 15:17:45
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, We already have created its angular version, you can check here -

  • srhtmr

    2018-06-12 21:33:16
    Purchased Reply

    the price has risen in full purchase. Can I get a discount

  • wrappixel

    2018-06-12 21:49:23
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    Okay if you are buying now, we can reduce as that limited time for discount is over. So let me know and i can reduce it for you. Thanks

  • srhtmr

    2018-06-12 21:53:03
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    yes i am buying now

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    go ahead

  • srhtmr

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    thx buyed

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    Nice work. Good luck with sale :)

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  • payothemes

    2018-06-05 22:41:12
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    Congratulations for this awesome template.

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  • abmmhasan

    2018-09-22 21:38:04
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    Been wondering if the discount offer can be available? Or when the next discount offer coming?

  • wrappixel

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    Please email us at [email protected]

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    2018-06-08 04:28:43
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    Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

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  • emreokay

    2018-07-18 19:34:03
    Purchased Reply

    Hello. There is an error in Toastr. Positions are not working properly. You can see this in the picture below.

  • wrappixel

    2018-07-19 15:10:58
    Purchased Reply

    Thanks for notifying, we are updating it now. Thanks

  • emreokay

    2018-08-10 08:32:35
    Purchased Reply

    Is there any improvement on the Toastr update?

  • wrappixel

    2018-08-16 16:18:32
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, we have done changes, i will update the template today. Thanks

  • emreokay

    2018-08-26 18:43:29
    Purchased Reply

    Will not be updated?

  • wrappixel

    2018-08-28 19:43:40
    Purchased Reply

    Just updated, you can download latest version, Thanks

  • vszvsz84

    2018-06-10 07:52:17
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! Can you please tell me that is it possible to enable right click events somehow? I am using firefox and I am unable to do right clicks and stuff like save as and, copy, etc.. It looks like that it's disabled by the template. I tried it on the demo and also with the downloaded file. Thanks!

  • wrappixel

    2018-06-11 02:33:01
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, Yes you can easily remove that, we have used minified version of custom.min.js you can find that from dist>js>custom.min.js so open the custom.js file and you will find that comment of disable right click js, you can simple delete that and same thing remove that from custom.min.js file. please let me know if you are not able to do that so i will send you updated custom.min.js file, Thanks


    2018-07-02 01:19:19
    Purchased Reply

    Wonderful template! Is there any frontend or landing page included?

  • wrappixel

    2018-07-03 14:36:14
    Purchased Reply

    Yes, the page you see while clicking on the live preview is the landing page and its included with the package. Thanks

  • validthemes

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    Congratulations!, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

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  • snipereyes999

    2018-07-09 06:54:52
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    Hi, Is the applications like Email, Chat, Calendar...etc are just front end UI/UX elements? or they are fully functional applications can work for real and they have back-end setting to fill and operate? Thanks

  • wrappixel

    2018-07-09 15:12:25
    Purchased Reply

    Hey, Well all of those applications are just UI/UX elements (static) for design purpose, you need to do programming to make it functional. Thanks

  • theme_ware

    2018-06-05 08:44:40
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    Congratulations! Amazing Work, Good Luck With Sale :grin:

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