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Pagination Gallery With Lightbox is responsive and mobile friendly Grid / Wall gallery with lots of adjustable features. It can display videos from Youtube Playlist, Channel or Keyword search and Vimeo Album, Channel, Group or Keyword search. Grids can be customized and styled in many ways. Lightbox gallery can display the player with all video details including comments.

All demo examples included in the download package for quick and easy setup.

Features and options:

  • Grid customization breakpoints (columns, rows, spacing)
  • Responsive layouts
  • Multiple galleries in the same page
  • Supported content sources:
    • Youtube content:
      • Playlist
      • Channel
      • Video query (search videos by keyword)
    • Vimeo content:
      • Album
      • Group
      • Channel
      • Video query (search videos by keyword)
  • Playlist transition (scroll, alpha)
  • Playlist direction (vertical, horizontal)
  • Playlist navigation (bullets, numbers, arrows)
  • Social sharing (facebook, twitter, tumblr, google plus)

keywords: wordpress, vimeo album, vimeo channel, youtube playlist, video grid, video gallery, grid wall, pagination, youtube channel, vimeo embed, youtube embed

Updates / Changelog

UPDATE 1.21 [28.10.2018]

  • [FIX] lightbox inadvertently closes on first open after load new playlist
  • [UPDATE] auto sort break points from low to high

UPDATE 1.2 [27.9.2018]

  • [UPDATE] small code improvements

UPDATE 1.15 [28.7.2018]

 - [UPDATE] option to play video inline in thumb (with or without controls)

UPDATE 1.10 [17.7.2018]

 - [UPDATE] some code improvements

UPDATE 1.08 [29.06.2018]

 - [FIX] lightbox not opening again when comment count is zero

UPDATE 1.07 [21.05.2018]

 - [FIX] bug with youtube channel not retrieving only video type

UPDATE 1.06 [21.05.2018]

 - [ADD] added demo with multiple galleries in the same page

UPDATE 1.05 [16.05.2018]

 - [UPDATE] some new settings (navigation details, show video details, show comments...)
 - [ADD] playlist selector demo (load new grid on runtime)

VERSION 1.0 [11.05.2018]

 - first release
  • MultimediaNewBrand

    2018-09-17 23:09:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hi, is it a plugin or can I use it in my html and php site?thanks

  • Tean

    2018-09-18 04:42:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! This is jquery plugin so you can use it in html / php site. We also have Wordpress version available here if you are interested:


  • ticinoturismo

    2018-07-24 16:53:05
    Purchased Reply

    Hello Tean! quick question: is there a way to have a better quality vimeo image preview? as you can see here the big preview quality is quite low thanks! Luca

  • Tean

    2018-07-25 00:42:37
    Purchased Reply

    Try modify plugin main file, Vimeo loader / getItemData for better pictures.

  • ticinoturismo

    2018-07-27 17:35:08
    Purchased Reply

    ok thanks, let me know!

  • Tean

    2018-07-29 06:22:59
    Purchased Reply

    You can look in vimeo api playground for picture qualities which are being returned when you edit the code as above.

  • Tean

    2018-05-24 02:51:09
    Purchased Reply


  • fkazemi5236

    2018-05-14 15:23:52
    Purchased Reply

    Hello .. I hope you have professional sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D

  • ticinoturismo

    2018-11-20 01:39:55
    Purchased Reply

    hello! I'd like to have better quality preview images for my vimeo galleries and videos. can you help me with the coding? of course I can pay to have this customization thanks, Luca

  • Tean

    2018-11-20 10:42:08
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! Can you send a message at ? Thanks

  • ManasaTheme

    2018-05-14 13:26:21
    Purchased Reply

    Nice Work, Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:

  • cc4digital2

    2018-10-23 12:47:05
    Purchased Reply

    I am confused. I am setup up vimeo. I get the type, user_id, But path???Where do I find that? It not in the web address. Program looks solid. Would like to see my images vs stock image. So where would I find the path????

  • Tean

    2018-10-23 20:58:14
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! What demo page do you use and what type are you trying to load from vimeo? Thanks

  • xgenious

    2018-05-14 04:38:01
    Purchased Reply

    congrats. best of luck for the upcoming sales :grin:

  • ticinoturismo

    2018-06-29 00:26:30
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! thanks for this cool plugin! only one bug: I'm testing it here: when I click on a video it works perfectly, but when I close it and I try to click on another one, it doesn't open the modal anymore. the only way to let the video play is by reloading the page. any suggestion? Thanks, Luca

  • Tean

    2018-06-29 07:54:59
    Purchased Reply

    Hello! I cant seem to replicate this here: What are your settings for this? Thanks

  • Tean

    2018-06-29 08:17:25
    Purchased Reply

    Never mind, just found the problem. I have released new update on codecanyon.